If You Need Product Labels, Epsen Hillmer Graphics Can Help

More Options, More Industries

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we continue to serve a growing number of clients in a variety of industries. That’s because our services are designed to provide clients with the versatility to meet the specifications of their labeling and packaging applications. At the same time, we offer the flexibility and client focus needed to remain responsive to the demands of the markets in which you do business.

With the variety of labeling options we provide, we can help you find a custom label printing solution to fit your unique packaging needs. We have focused on delivering top quality solutions for over 100 years and our industry expertise allows us to conquer even the most difficult challenges.

So whether it’s a need to maximize impact or minimize time to market, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is up to the task, with experience in such specialized industries as:

  • Toys
  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Pet

Application Recommendations from Our Label Printing Company

Depending on your labeling needs and your unique packaging type, any of these label application processes may be correct for you.

  • Pressure Sensitive
    Our Pressure Sensitive Labels Feature bright color, embossing and foil finishes, as well as clear label capabilities that create a seamless appearance. Pressure Sensitive Labels provide durable labels, ideal for holding their appeal for months of use and abuse!
  • In-Mold (Blow Mold) Labels
    Our Blow Mold labels are perfect if you have a larger container with package durability and longevity needs. We offer the ability to print business labels with either an offset or UV Flexographic printing process.
  • Roll-to-Roll
    Offer a cost effective option. These full wrap options are a full surface presence on any straight walled container (Jars or Bottles). Roll-to-Roll is great for high speed, high volume applications.
  • Cut & Stack
    Stands up to heat, cold and moisture, without compromising color, clarity or performance. Ideal for high-volume applications, you’re able to achieve a high-quality appearance on a variety of materials and applications.

We’ll Help You Pick the Ideal Custom Label Printing Solution

To talk about your business and specific label needs in detail, give us a call at 1-800-228-9940 for a friendly chat about how we may be able to help.