Beverage Labels

POSTED 02/28/2018
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

Beverage Labels can include many shapes, sizes, paper or film materials and so much more! Epsen Hillmer Graphics provides solutions for every design and packaging label challenge. One of the first questions to ask yourself is: What style of label best suits my needs, cut and stack or pressure sensitive? These are the two most common types of beverage labels.

Here are some of the benefits of each presented by our team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics.

Cut and Stack Label Benefits

Cut and Stack labels offer a large variety of custom stock and size options. Most of the time cut and stack labels are cut with hard edges to create rectangular shapes. However, at Epsen Hillmer, we can create customized die cut shapes, as well. With a wide variety of paper and film materials available for cut and stack Beverage Labels, we can find the correct stock for the versatility in handling moisture and extreme temperatures these labels require.

Cut and stack labels have a cost benefit at every run size. Epsen Hillmer Graphics offers low minimum orders for special offerings or small business needs, and also offers combination run efficiencies to help keep your costs down. In high volume orders, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is committed to passing on the savings incurred from streamlined production and our lean manufacturing principals. Cut and stack options usually cost about 30% less than pressure sensitive labels. However, their application and customization options are not nearly as diverse.

Pressure Sensitive Label Benefits

Although the initial cost of cut and stack labels is less than pressure sensitive labels, the full investment costs that include machinability, time and adhesive requirements often put pressure sensitive labels at a much better value than initially expected by many customers. Because pressure sensitive labels are self-adhering and many manufacturers prefer the machine application options of this style, packaging companies of all sizes have to weigh the benefits of the initial cost.

Particularly when it comes to Beverage Labels, there are many adhesive choices to consider with pressure sensitive labels. For example, flexible label requirements are best achieved with pressure sensitive labels, as well as the extremes in temperature requirements from summer’s heat to ice-buckets.

Clear label printing and reverse printing, where the print is visible through the liquid on a clear bottle, sparks the imagination of both designers and consumers. Choosing clear label options maximizes the impact of your consumer interaction.

The Epsen Hillmer Advantage

Proudly serving several national and regional brands by offering customized label solutions, Epsen Hillmer Graphics provides in-house customer support and specialists for a variety of industries. When your business is looking to choose the right label for your product, cut and stack or pressure sensitive, Epsen Hillmer Graphics will both guide and partner with you in the label creation process.

We will guide you through new orders, proofs or testing and the full requirements of your packaging label will be explored. Most orders run a standard production time of two to four weeks, keeping in mind Epsen Hillmer Graphics will work around company deadlines as much as possible. We continuously strive to beat the industry in turnaround times.

Whatever style, stock, adhesive or finish of the final label design, every department in the Epsen Hillmer Graphics organization strives to deliver the best quality label by using lean methods from the front of our production facility all the way to the boxed product. Epsen Hillmer Graphics is proud to have a company full of label professionals who will work with you to find the right fit for your unique Beverage Labels. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, feel free to contact our friendly staff at (402) 342-7000 or use our online contact form.