Cost-Efficient Custom Label Solutions For Growing Businesses

Importance of Custom Labels for Businesses

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, your product’s success starts with its packaging. 

For growing businesses, the balance between quality and cost is essential. We understand this delicate balance and strive to provide cost-efficient custom-label solutions without compromising quality. Our approach combines meticulous planning with a deep understanding of our client’s unique needs, ensuring we get it right the first time.

With 33 percent of consumers likely to pass on a product if the label isn’t appealing, the importance of custom labels becomes clear. Why not leverage custom labeling to ensure your products make the best first impression?

This blog will discuss the benefits of custom labels and why we’re ready to tackle your next label printing job. 

Benefits of Custom Labels

Custom labels offer several benefits that can enhance a product’s overall appeal, customer recognition, and brand awareness. One of the main advantages of custom labels is the personal touch they provide to products. Adding a unique label instantly connects customers to the brand. 

In addition to the personal touch, custom labels bring a multitude of benefits to businesses aiming to strengthen their market position:

  • Brand Consistency: Custom labels ensure that every aspect of your product reflects your brand’s identity, maintaining consistency across different products and platforms and reinforcing brand recognition.
  • Enhanced Visual Appeal: 72 percent of Americans agree that a product’s packaging design influences their purchase decisions when selecting which products to buy. This is why custom labels allow you to personalize and enhance the visual appeal of your products and make them stand out on the shelves. 
  • Important Information Display: Labels can be designed to display essential information such as ingredients, usage instructions, or compliance details, making them not just a branding tool but also a valuable source of information for consumers.
  • Durability and Quality: Our labels are manufactured to withstand environmental factors such as moisture, heat, and friction, ensuring they remain vibrant and intact throughout the product’s lifecycle.
  • Tailored to Product Specifications: Every label is meticulously crafted to fit the product’s specific dimensions and style, ensuring a perfect fit that enhances the product’s design.
  • Increased Customer Engagement: Custom labels can engage customers with QR codes or augmented reality features, providing an interactive experience and deepening their brand connection.
  • Cost-Effective Marketing: By effectively using the label space for branding and marketing, businesses can reduce the need for additional packaging materials, making custom labels a cost-effective marketing tool.

These benefits make custom labels invaluable for businesses looking to enhance their product’s appearance, elevate brand recognition, and achieve greater customer satisfaction. With custom labels, your product is not just another item on the shelf but a standout representation of your brand’s commitment to quality and uniqueness.

Custom Labels: The Process

Our process is designed to ensure precision, quality, and customer satisfaction. We take the time to understand each customer’s unique requirements and apply our expertise to select the optimal materials for their specific projects.

From the first initial meeting to the final design, here’s what you can expect: 

Initial Consultation: Understanding Your Vision

The process begins with an in-depth consultation where we discuss your vision, brand identity, and specific requirements. This step is crucial for setting the groundwork for the custom labels. We consider various aspects, such as the product’s market, the label’s functionality, and the desired aesthetic appeal. This initial dialogue helps us align our processes with your expectations and business goals. We care about the look of your label just as much as you do. During the beginning stages, we can recommend options and solutions to fit your needs.

Design: Bringing Ideas to Life

Once we thoroughly understand your needs, our design team gets to work. Using state-of-the-art design software, we create a draft that reflects your vision while ensuring practicality and market relevance. This stage involves choosing the right colors, materials, and finishes that look great, adhere to industry standards, and withstand environmental factors. We care about the look of your label just as much as you do. 

Prototyping: Preview Before Production

We provide prototypes before full-scale production begins. This is a critical step where you can see and feel a physical representation of your label. It allows for any necessary adjustments in design or materials and ensures that the final product will meet your expectations. Prototyping helps fine-tune the design, avoiding costly changes during mass production. At EHG, we hand deliver samples and art to the customer whenever possible. 

Printing: Precision and Quality

With the design set and approved, we move to the printing stage. Our facilities are equipped with the latest label printing technology, allowing for high-quality print output. Right now, we have lines running and qualifying our labels at over 50 bottles/minute faster than other suppliers. 

Whether it’s digital printing for vibrant colors and detailed graphics or flexographic printing for large runs, we ensure precision in every detail. We also incorporate various finishes such as matte, glossy, or tactile elements to enhance the label’s appeal.

Quality Control: Rigorous Checking

Each batch of labels undergoes stringent checks to ensure they meet our high standards and your expectations. This includes checking for color accuracy, alignment, adhesion, and quality. This rigorous process helps minimize errors and ensure that the final product is flawless.

Delivery: On Time, Every Time

The final step in the custom label process is delivery. We understand the importance of deadlines and strive to ensure that your labels are delivered on time and in perfect condition. Our efficient logistics system ensures that your labels reach you wherever you are, ready to be applied to your products.

Our Cost-Efficient Approach

Our cost-efficiency is rooted in our proactive collaboration with customers and our production team, which ensures that each project is completed correctly.

Our operational efficiency is enhanced by our adoption of Lean and Traction methodologies, which drive continuous improvement in our processes. Equipped with the industry’s most advanced and productive technology, we can reduce production costs while upholding the high quality our clients expect.

Quality and efficiency form the foundation of our business. We pride ourselves on our ability to meet your needs more effectively than anyone else, which distinguishes us in the field. Our proven ability to deliver exceptional, cost-effective labeling solutions positions us as your ideal partner for growth, ready to help you overcome any challenge.

We are as invested in your labels as you are. To help cut costs, we collaborate with the production team to explore if slight reductions in label size, such as by 1/8 inch, could yield significant savings. Such adjustments, particularly when applied to hundreds of thousands of labels, can substantially impact overall costs.

Final Thoughts

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we recognize that crafted custom labels can effectively communicate your brand. The journey from conceptualization to the final delivery of your labels is handled with the utmost precision and care, ensuring each label meets and exceeds your expectations. 

We integrate lean manufacturing techniques and continuous process improvements to deliver exceptional, effective, and economical labels. This dual focus on quality and efficiency makes us an ideal partner for businesses aiming to enhance their market presence and connect more deeply with their customers through compelling product packaging.Whether introducing a new product or elevating an existing one, custom labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics offer a dynamic way to enhance brand recognition and customer engagement. Trust us to bring your vision to life with labels. Contact us today to get started.

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