Make Your Food, Beverage or Household Products Stand Out with Cut & Stack Labels

What are Cut & Stack Labels?

Cut & Stack Labels are printed on large sheet or roll fed printing presses. After printing, stacks of label sheets are either die cut into their desired shapes or, more typically, cut into their individual rectangular shapes and stacked (hence the name). The application process most commonly involves overlapping the label and gluing the label to itself (lap). This is typically handled by an independent bottler or Co-Packer, although many of our larger clients have in-house application capabilities.

Benefits of Cut and Stack Labels

Why might Cut and Stack Labels be the ideal solution for your product?

Cut and Stack Labels are ideal for high-volume applications. They are extremely cost-effective for us to produce. In fact, because our Cut and Stack manufacturing process is so well streamlined, larger quantities of these packaging labels actually become more affordable.

Cut and Stack Labels are also surprisingly durable. They stand up very well to moisture and extreme temperatures, and can be made even more so thanks to our variety of available materials. We use paper, synthetic film or plastic, clear synthetic and wet strength options, ensuring that your final label meets your specific needs.

Here is a brief overview of why you might choose Cut & Stack Labels:

  • Cost-Effective, Economical Solution
  • Low Material Cost and Minimum Waste
  • Wide Variety of Materials or Substrates to Print on
  • Savings for Larger Orders (Economies of Scale)
  • Suited for High-Volume or High Numbers of SKUs
  • Combination Printing Available (more below)

Combination Printing

Because we specialize in Cut and Stack Label Solutions, we are able to offer ultra-efficient Combination Printing. Combination Printing means we print multiple products that share like characteristics (material, colors, etc.) on a single run, allowing us to maximize our run efficiency and in turn pass our savings directly to you – our customer. Win-win!

Epsen Hillmer Graphics is Ready to Create Great Cut and Stack Labels for You

Cut and Stack Labels are done on our Offset Printing Presses in Omaha. This allows us to offer you a wide variety of label colors, sizes, shapes and materials in cost effective ways.

Generally speaking, Cut and Stack Labels are most prevalent in the Food, Beverage, and Household Product industries. So if you want to make your product look its absolute best on store shelves, call us now at 1-800-228-9940 to discuss your specific label needs.