Brand the Event with Your Corporate Message on a Water Bottle

POSTED 02/22/2019
Enhanced Water Deserves an Enhanced Label - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

If you are looking for a promotional item that everyone will appreciate, or need something to set your special event apart, a simple and affordable option can be found in a custom-labeled bottle of water. For businesses, a water bottle with your corporate logo or message is one way to take care of your customers or event attendees while providing a lasting impression. And, it is a non-threatening way to put your brand literally in the hands of your customer.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has provided custom labels for promotional bottled water for years. From low-volume orders for special events like bat mitzvahs, weddings, and anniversary parties, to produce thousands of custom labels for large events like city-wide marathons, there is an endless number of options that can be used to personalize and publicize your message on a simple bottle of water.

What is Promotional Bottled Water?

It isn’t difficult to explain. It’s a bottle of water that includes information of your choice on the label, instead of the branding and details that comes directly from the water company producing and filling the bottle. Imagine a corporate logo, the name of the bride and groom, a full-color photo or any other message you’d like to offer right there on the label surrounding the bottled water served.

For special occasions, it is a chance to add a special sentiment or memory to the label of the water bottle. For corporate promotion, such as trade shows, it is a unique way to feature a motto, slogan or call to action that will be remembered and acted on.

Ways Promotional Bottled Water with a Custom Label Could Be Used

When it comes to custom-labeled water bottles, the possibilities are endless. Everyone needs water and it is hard to think of a scenario when it isn’t an appropriate option. Here are a few places custom water bottles are great options:

Your Business Reception Area

Bottled water is a healthy and welcome way to make customers feel comfortable the moment they walk in. Make sure you stock your reception area with bottled water that features your branding and offer it freely to guests as they arrive.

Sponsored Charity Events, Runs or Walks

Whenever people gather in large numbers, there is a great opportunity to get your name out by providing the bottled water for that event. Thirsty participants will take your bottle and brand readily. Your custom labeled water bottles should be passed out at hydration stations, at the finish line, or in a highly visible area available throughout the event.

Swag Bags

Some events offer a sponsorship opportunity to insert corporate-specific items in gift bags that are distributed to VIPs or other high-profile guests. A water bottle with your corporate identity and message would be the right fit every time. You never have to worry about sizes, unique tastes or style preferences. Bottled water is always appreciated.

Company Retreats or Meetings

For your next board meeting, annual picnic or team-building activity, why not make sure the water you offer also bears the message you wish to convey? Add your mission statement, special message or inspirational thoughts right on the custom label you’ve designed.

Trade Shows

Rather than handing out costly giveaways that typically end up in the trash after the event, consider providing bottles of water with your brand and logo as the giveaway. It’s not only a great way to draw people into your booth, but it allows you to provide an amenity that attendees really need and appreciate.

Need Inspiration for Planning a Custom Water Bottle Label Project?

Because Epsen Hillmer Graphics specializes in making every custom water bottle your personal statement, our custom label experts have ideas, template, and recommendations galore. Let’s talk through the ways we can help make your water bottle project both easy and affordable. The resulting brand awareness and goodwill you can spread with a simple bottle of water make this a winning choice for every situation, whether you need 100 bottles or 100,000.