4 Reasons to Consider Blow Mold Package Labeling

POSTED 10/04/2018
In-mold (blow mold) labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we love to share the many benefits of blow mold packaging with customers who fit the “mold” for this type of label technology. As many applications as there are for traditional labeling where a label is printed on paper and adhered to a finished container, there are just as many jobs that can be best completed by using in-mold label technology. Although there are two basic types of in-mold labels – blow mold and injection mold, Epsen Hillmer Graphics primarily concentrates on blow mold labels in our Omaha, Nebraska production facility.

Blow Mold Labels are placed into a mold before a container is formed (this is called a preform). The label adheres to the outside wall of the container through heat activation. The container is formed using air pressure, effectively expanding the preform into the mold, activating the adhesive and encasing the label within the outside wall.

Labels that are a part of the very packaging itself are often the best choice, especially if your product meets certain criteria.

Criteria That Suggest Blow Mold Labels are a Great Option

There are plenty of reasons to consider blow mold packaging with integrated label technology over traditional product labeling options. Here are a few:

Harsh Storage Conditions?

If your product will be stored in conditions that would be potentially damaging to a traditional paper label (even one with special finishes applied), blow mold package labeling may be a good option for you. Products that have an especially long shelf life or those that must withstand a lot of wear and tear from a storage standpoint will look just as great on day one as they do day 101 if a blow mold package label is used. Because the colors and design are literally molded into the package itself, there are no labels that will tear, fade or fall off over time.

Is Your Product a Liquid?

Any kind of liquid is a great candidate for blow-mold or in-mold packaging and label technology. The integrated package and label can provide convenience and functionality for containing and labeling juices or other types of liquids and there is no concern that the brand or label will be impacted by moisture or use.

Chemicals or Other Harsh Ingredients?

Blow mold packaging is ideal for ingredients that might cause traditional paper labels to fail. Spillage of automotive solutions, oils, or other caustic ingredients could cause a label to become unreadable, but with the integrated in-mold label design that simply isn’t a concern.

Looking for Low Production Costs?

Because the package and label are created at the same time, blow-mold technology can be a real cost-saving option for some applications. There is no need for separate packaging and labeling processes, which saves time and money for the packager.

Not sure if blow mold labels are right for your product? Epsen Hillmer Graphics would love the talk about your specific product labeling needs and help you arrive at the right solution. Call us today. 402-342-7000.