Your Brand or Holiday Message on a Customized Water Bottle. How Festive!

POSTED 11/29/2018

The holidays would not be the same without festive beverages on hand to serve to guests – sparkling wines, seasonal craft beers, a warm toddy or brandy. While these are all frequently thought of at this time of the year, let’s not forget that one particular bottled beverage is consumed far more often than all of these together.

We’re talking about bottled water. For 2017, an estimated 13.7 billion gallons (or the equivalent of 219.2 billion eight-ounce bottles) were sold in the United States and the largest percentage of these sales took place in the latter half of the year when common holidays are celebrated.

Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s are just around the corner and you can bet that bottled water will be on your grocery list as you prepare for the many activities that wrap around these holidays. There is a way to make this common beverage even more welcome and that is to creatively label it with a personal message or your corporate brand.

A Custom Water Bottle Label Can Make the Holiday More Festive

With so many water bottles in circulation, making your business or event stand out with customized water bottle labels is one way to celebrate any season, provide a special touch that everyone can appreciate and make a lasting impact.

Imagine water bottles customized for the Christmas holiday, Hanukkah or your New Year’s celebrations. Designs can feature company logos, images, custom text, taglines or punch lines to make your next party or business event the hit of the season.

Choose from a variety of label personalization options such as colorful inks, clear films or durable papers, die-cut designs and more. The possibilities when designing a custom water bottle label are only limited by your imagination.

Why Choose Epsen Hillmer Graphics for Custom Water Bottle Labels

With the upcoming December holidays and New Year quickly approaching, there is still time to impress your guests or business visitors by offering them a festive and branded bottle of water that expresses your excitement for the season or gratefulness for their continued business.

Perfect for holiday parties, events, Christmas dinners, Christmas weddings, and any other special occasions you can think of, a customized water bottle is an inexpensive way to bring a very special touch to the occasion.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help with water bottle label design ideas suitable for every holiday or occasion.

With advanced label technology, hundreds of ideas and design options, and low- or high-volume label production capabilities, the special water bottle label you are looking for is just a phone call away at a surprisingly affordable cost.

Call Epsen Hillmer Graphics today at 402-342-7000 to talk about bringing customized water bottles to your next event.