Wine Bottle Label Design for Millennials – What Works?

POSTED 08/23/2016
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Millennials are a key demographic that businesses across most industries want to reach. Although there’s a lot of emphasis on appealing to this group of consumers, successfully doing so continues to be a challenge for businesses of all sizes. For winemakers, millennials are an especially important group. A report published at the beginning of this year found that in 2015, millennials drank 42% of all wine that was sold in the United States!

While millennials have presented major challenges for certain industries like cable TV providers by drastically reducing previous consumption patterns, the good news for wine producers is millennials definitely enjoy this product. However, that doesn’t mean every wine brand is throwing their hands up in celebration. Countless wine operations feel like there’s a big disconnect between millennials’ demand for wine and how many are buying their product.

If this describes the situation you’re in, it’s likely that one of your top priorities is figuring out how to make your wine appealing to millennials. Based on our experience in this industry, bottle label design is one of the key answers to that question. Since the right label design can help your wine connect with more of the 75 million millennials in the United States, here are three tips to follow:

1. Show Your Wine’s Personality

One of the findings from the wine consumption report is that unlike their parents, millennials are very motivated by authenticity and discovering new wines. How that translates to bottle label design is your brand should use your label to show your wine’s personality and what makes it unique.

2. Think About the Ladies

Another finding from the study is that labels are an especially important consideration for women in this age group. 46% of millennial women said that bottle label designs that are traditional, classic and/or sophisticated hold more appeal than others.

3. Promote Your Digital Presence

As explained above, there’s definitely value in having a label with design elements that are traditional, classic and/or sophisticated. Just keep in mind that millennials are digital natives, which means they use apps and Google to make purchasing decisions. That’s why your brand should have a strong online presence and use part of your label to make consumers aware of where they can learn more about your wine online.

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There are plenty of ways to create a label for your wine bottles so that it really resonates with millennials. If you want to work with a partner that will help put those strategies into action in a way that’s perfect for your specific brand, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is ready to help.

Not only will we help ensure that your label has all the elements needed to reach your target consumers, but we’ll also deliver excellent label printing results at very appealing prices. So if you’d like to learn more about our process or are ready to get started, please get in contact with us by calling (402) 342-7000.