When You Need Squeeze Tube Labels, Look to EHG

POSTED 12/30/2014
Pressure Sensitive Labels & In-Mold (Blow Mold) Labels for Beauty Body Lotion Labels

Many products on store shelves today are packaged in squeeze tubes. From health & beauty products to peanut butter and more, squeeze tubes are a convenient and cost-effective packaging choice. If your company is making use of squeeze tubes to package and market products, you probably know just how difficult it can be to find a workable custom solution for your squeeze tube labels.

There are many variables to keep in mind when designing labels for squeeze tubes. The ability of functionality will need to be top-notch with a squeezable tube. The labels you choose have to be able to squeeze, wrap, and even crimp without peeling off, cracking, or otherwise defacing.

Luckily, our custom label printing experts have the technical knowledge of pressure sensitive squeeze tube labels to help you create labels that will stand up to all kinds of use. These labels present a unique set of challenges, but you’ll rest assured knowing that EHG has the expertise to do the job right!

Squeeze Tube Labels Need to Squeeze

It comes as no surprise that squeeze tube labels need to stand up to a lot of squeezing, but what does that mean when it comes to choosing a material and adhesive for pressure sensitive labels? In this situation, you need to pick a label material that’s highly flexible and a strong adhesive that can be squeezed over and over without losing its staying power. Our custom label printing experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics can point you toward the perfect materials and adhesives for your particular situation, so contact us for more information.

Think About End Use with Squeeze Tube Labels

In addition to getting squeezed a lot, squeeze tube products also put up with other forms of abuse, like crimping and wrapping (like a toothpaste tube). So before you decide on materials and adhesives for your pressure sensitive labels, it’s helpful to think about how consumers are going to use your product.

Once you’ve established the type of usage your product is going to go through at the hands of consumers, you can then create labels that remain smooth and attractive throughout the product’s end use.

It’s also a good idea to understand the conditions your products will be in while they’re used. If your squeeze tube product’s primary use is in the bathroom or shower, you’ll want a water-resistant film label paired with a strong adhesive that can stand up to high humidity environments.

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With squeeze tube labels from EHG, you can rest easy knowing that your products will look their best on the store shelf. While creating pressure sensitive labels for squeeze tubes can be tricky, our team of custom label printing experts have the experience to make your project a success! Give us a call today at (402) 342-7000 to start printing the best quality labels available for your products.