When the Squeeze is On, Pressure Sensitive Labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics Can Take the Pressure

POSTED 07/26/2018
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products

If you are a producer of a product that is delivered in a squeeze-type tube, you are already acquainted with the challenges associated with labeling these popular, frequently-used products. By their very nature, squeezable tubes are designed to take repeated pressure as a means of delivering the product inside. Given this type of use, not just any custom label will fit the need.

Personal care products like toothpaste or lotions are often packaged in squeezable tubes. You’ll also find things like paints, glues and other household items delivered in this versatile type of packaging. No matter what’s inside, the squeezable tube requires a label that can hold up to the pressure, literally. That’s where Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ years of experience with pressure sensitive label technology can come to the rescue from it’s Omaha, Nebraska production facility.

Durable Custom Labels for Squeezable Tubes Start with Quality Label Materials

In order to produce a label that can stand up to the continued use of a product packaged in a squeeze-type tube, Epsen Hillmer Graphics starts with appropriate, high-quality materials and ends with just the right custom finish to ensure the label is legible and attractive from first use to the last. This is important for delivering a consistent brand presence, but more importantly to make sure vital instructions are legible throughout the life cycle of your product.

And, it isn’t just repeated use that can cause a lesser-quality label to fail on a product packaged in a squeeze tube. The fact that these products can be wrapped or crimped as the product is exhausted means the label must be able to flex with it.

The custom label printing specialists at Epsen Hillmer Graphics have experience in just about any type of squeeze tube product application and can help identify exactly the right pressure-sensitive label to fit the need. It involves selecting just the right materials and substrates, considering the conditions in which the product will be stored (does it need to be water resistant? stand up to heat? cold?) and matching the exact right adhesive for the application. We’ve been doing this for more than a hundred years, and we can do it for your product, too.

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While creating pressure sensitive labels for squeeze tubes can be tricky, our team of custom label printing experts has the experience to make your label order a success.