What’s the Secret to Amazing Craft Beer Labels?

POSTED 10/16/2015
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

The best craft beer labels are those that successfully capture the passion that brewers have for the beer they’re making. If you love what you do as a craft brewer, then you are already on the right track. But just as it still takes a lot of hard work to brew amazing craft beer, great labels aren’t something that happen by accident. Instead, you need to take a strategic approach to convey exactly what you want consumers to know about your beer.

How to Make Labels Creative and Consistent

The key to successful branding in the craft beer market is knowing what makes your products unique. Once you identify that special element, you can start building out your brand around it. The brand message that you communicate through your craft beer labels will be the first interaction many people have with your Omaha company. That’s why it’s so important for your labels to be creative and interesting, as well as successfully communicate a consistent brand message.

Don’t Forget About Materials, Adhesives and Printing

Coming up with the best possible labels requires more than just an excellent design. The reason is the label you design isn’t going to be hung on a wall. It’s going to be placed on a bottle and exposed to a lot of different conditions. From store shelves to a bucket with ice, you want your label to withstand the various elements it faces.

Looking great in any environment is why decisions about materials, adhesives and printing can be just as important as those made during the initial design phase. In terms of materials, Epsen Hillmer Graphics offers a variety that work well in conjunction with multiple types of applications.

For adhesives, there are several options that can work with the most popular types of label applications for bottles. The three applications that most companies choose for craft beer labels are pressure sensitive, roll to roll and cut & stack. Browsing through our website or contacting Epsen Hillmer Graphics directly is the best way to figure out which application makes the most sense for your bottles.

Last but certainly not least is printing. The two main types of label printing are traditional and digital. Because we have lots of experience and great equipment, we can produce high quality labels with either method. For most companies, this decision comes down to cost. Digital printing is generally best for batches of under five thousand labels, while traditional printing can deliver savings once label runs hit the five to ten thousand label range.

EHG is Ready to Help with Your Craft Beer Labels

Whether you’re just starting the design process or are ready to make the final decisions about the specifics of your craft beer labels, we are here to help. Our goal with every customer is to provide the support and great labels they need to flourish. So if you want to create the best labels for your craft beers, the phone number for our Omaha office is (402) 342-7000.