What Materials Work with Cut & Stack Labels?

POSTED 04/15/2016
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Household products, beverages, and food items are all examples of things that can be a good fit for cut & stack labels. This type of label is printed on roll fed or large sheet presses. Then once printed, the most common option is for the labels to be cut into individual rectangular shapes and stacked. The labels can then be applied by an independent bottler, co-packer or in-house resources.

Not only are cut & stack labels an economical option that works great with high-volume applications, but they’re quite durable. These labels can hold up even if a product is exposed to major temperature fluxes or moisture. In terms of just how durable cut & stack labels are, a lot depends on the specific material they’re printed on. The material used for cut & stack labels has other effects as well, which is why we want to go over each one:

Paper Cut & Stack Labels

Every business has their own set of priorities for labels. If being economical is at the very top of your list, paper is definitely a material to consider. These labels are a good choice for household products, as well as many food and beverage items. And if additional durability is needed, wet-strength paper can work well even for products that are exposed to moisture.

Synthetic Materials

As you’re evaluating what you want to accomplish with your new labels, you may discover that making your products stand out is at the very top of your list. Durability may be a close second. For any business in that position, we recommend evaluating cut & stack labels made from synthetic materials. One of the advantages of having these labels printed by Epsen Hillmer Graphics is we can use synthetic materials in our combination printing. That allows us to pass along savings and reduce lead time.

Clear Film Labels

While there are a lot of interesting designs that can be done with synthetic materials or even paper, cut & stack labels made from clear film offer a unique look. What’s so appealing about these labels is they make it possible to show off the physical characteristics of the product you’re labeling. The multi-dimensional designs that are possible with these labels will definitely be noticed by consumers who are comparing your product to other competitors.

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We’ve been in the printing industry for more than a century. That means we know exactly what goes into creating the perfect labels for products. And while we know that parts of this process can be overwhelming for companies that need new labels, a big part of what we do is provide excellent service. So even if you only have a vague idea of what you need, we’ll help guide you through the entire design and printing process.

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