What Labels are Best for Wine & Spirit Bottles?

POSTED 03/26/2015
Spirit and Alcohol Bottles with Customized Pressure Sensitive Labels

Whether a company produces a scotch, vodka, tequila, or a variety of wines & spirits, the appearance of every bottle is very important. Without a bottle and label that stands out, few consumers will ever try the product. Fortunately, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help companies produce high quality labels for their wine & spirit bottles.

The Reason Why Wine & Spirit Bottle Labels Are So Important

Because our Omaha business has been around for more than 100 years, we know from direct experience what wine & spirit companies need in order to find success with their products. While having a quality product that tastes great is very important, the big challenge is getting consumers to actually taste a wine or spirit in the first place.

When a consumer walks through a store that sells alcohol in Omaha or anywhere else in the United States, they’re presented with dozens of options in each category. Although there’s a small percentage of the market that turns to outlets like review sites for help making their decision, the majority make their choice on the spot.

What that means is in order to increase sales, a wine or spirit bottle needs to give consumers a compelling reason to reach out, pick up the bottle and decide to purchase it instead of any of the other bottles that are surrounding it.

So, how exactly can a label accomplish that big task? The answer is in addition to featuring a great design that captures people’s attention, the label needs to include information that makes people who pick it up feel confident with their purchase.

Since this is a lot to accomplish with a single label, the good news is you don’t need to figure out everything on your own. Instead, you can turn to the experience and knowledge of Epsen Hillmer Graphics for help.

The Best Type of Label for Wine & Spirit Bottles

Now that we’ve covered what a label on this type of bottle needs to do, the next question to answer is which type of label is best suited for wine & spirit bottles. Because they’re easy to apply, offer great durability and look really good on bottles, we highly recommend pressure sensitive labels.

With pressure sensitive labels (PSLs), you have all the options you need to get the perfect look for your wine & spirit bottles. Not only are high-quality graphics standard with PSLs, but you can choose from a variety of materials, as well as opt for any of the available add-ons. Options like textured varnishes may be exactly what’s needed to create the ideal label for your bottles.

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