What Craft Cocktails Mean for Spirits Companies

POSTED 05/12/2015
Spirit and Alcohol Bottles with Customized Pressure Sensitive Labels

Craft cocktails are a trend that has continued to gain momentum in 2015. Since more people are ordering named cocktails at bars, spirits companies need a way to ensure that their liquors are the defaults for these cocktails. Although it can be challenging to stand out in this market, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has advice that can help your company find continued success.

Understanding the Impact of Craft Cocktails

Over the last five or so years, craft cocktails have grown from a small trend to a staple in bars and restaurants all across the United States. There are two main reasons that this trend has continued to grow. The first is because there’s something very appealing about these cocktails for consumers. As shows like Top Chef have caused people to get more adventurous with their food choices, it’s easy to see how cocktails have come along for the ride.

The other reason for the continued growth of this trend is because craft cocktails are a great business for bars and restaurants. Given that establishments can charge double or even triple of what they would for a standard cocktail, it’s no surprise that they are completely on board with continuing to make these cocktails.

So, how does this trend directly affect spirits companies? Based on the research we’ve done at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, the biggest direct impact is that many named cocktails are associated with certain liquor brands. That means whenever someone orders one of these cocktails, they’re expecting a specific brand of liquor in it.

For brands that are able to get themselves associated with popular craft cocktails, they get both a competitive advantage and a marketing channel that will help fuel growth without the need for direct involvement.

The Right Way for Spirits Companies to Get Attention

When it comes to what consumers care about in regards to spirits, it’s true that taste does have an impact. However, as numerous surveys and studies have found, much of what drives consumers’ decisions is based on a company’s brand and image. Since even the best tasting spirits will have an uphill battle without a strong brand, it’s vital to take this part of the equation very seriously.

Because consumers will see your bottles before they ever taste or smell your product, you need to have the right labels on them. Not only do you want labels that look great, but you also want them to stand up to conditions like moisture. Since pinpointing the best option can be a challenge, you need a trusted partner on your side.

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