Wet-Strength Cut & Stack Labels for Craft Beer Bottles

POSTED 11/24/2015
Beer Bottle Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

While there is more than one type of label that can be used on craft beer bottles, there are several very compelling reasons to strongly consider wet-strength cut & stack labels. Before we get into the specifics of wet-strength labels, it’s worth taking a moment to cover the key features of the cut & stack style.

With this style of labels, you don’t have to worry about inflated costs as you scale up production. Instead, you’ll notice even bigger savings as the size of your runs increase. Another appealing characteristic of cut & stack labels is how easy they are to apply. Once these labels are printed on large sheets and then cut, they can be wrapped around a craft beer bottle and then glued to themselves. Cut & stack labels also offer the graphic quality that a new craft beer needs to stand out.

The Benefits of Wet-Strength Cut & Stack Labels

In the past, almost all labels were printed on standard paper. Although there are a lot of good things that can be said about paper labels, they’re definitely not the ideal choice for all situations. Beer and other drink bottles are the perfect example of an application that’s not very well-suited to paper labels. As soon as they start getting wet from moisture, paper labels will begin falling off and not looking all that great.

The great thing about wet-strength labels is they can stand up to the various conditions craft beer bottles may encounter. While these labels are still made from a paper-based material, they are created with additional protective properties that allow them to resist moisture. By opting for this type of label, you can be confident that your bottles will still look great even if they’re sitting in a cooler or another place where they will be exposed to moisture.

In addition to standard wet-strength labels, Epsen Hillmer Graphics also offers wet-strength cut & stack labels made from film. Thanks to both their aesthetic and functional properties, these film labels are considered one of the most advanced options that’s available. If you want to be sure that your craft beer bottles get people’s attention, this is the approach to take. There are all kinds of cool design approaches you can take with film labels, including using their transparency to create a very modern label-less look. To top things off, you can count on these labels to hold up to even the most humid or moist conditions.

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