Water Resistant Labels To Make Your Product Weatherproof And Moisture Proof

POSTED 09/20/2018
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If you are labeling something that requires moisture protection and durability, waterproof labels are definitely needed to make sure your brand and identity remain as clear and vibrant as the day the label was printed.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has waterproof and weatherproof label options for every possible need. With labels printed on high-quality papers or vinyl along with protective laminate coatings and hundreds of ink colors and adhesive options, you can be certain your product label will be not only waterproof, but also resistant to fading, scratching or tearing.

Products That Benefit From Water Resistant Labels

Some products simply spend their product life cycle in environments that could cause a typical paper label to deteriorate. In these instances, exploring the need for a moisture-proof or waterproof label is needed.

Health and beauty products that are stored in a steamy bathroom or shower, bottled waters that are likely to be stored in ice chests or cold storage for periods of time, or food items that are prone to moisture collecting on or around the bottle label are all great candidates for water-resistant labels.

Other products that benefit greatly from the durability of water-resistant labels include cosmetic products, lotions or liquid soaps, or other beauty solutions that could be spilled or seep onto the label once the product is opened.

Moisture resistant labels are also great options for condiments or other picnic food items that are handled repeatedly and may even be used outdoors. If spillage or seepage of product ingredients is a possibility, your Epsen Hillmer Graphics label specialist will likely introduce you to the many water-, weather- and moisture-proof label options available.

Are you looking for labels that can hold up to elements such as sun and weather as well as moisture? Our water-resistant labels are made to last and are a perfect label choice for automotive applications, product or cool-storage shelving and labeling options and much more.

Choosing A Waterproof Label Doesn’t Restrict Your Creative Design Options

Our many label types, including cut-and-stack labels, pressure sensitive and roll-to-roll labels can be produced using moisture-resistant materials which means you have a variety of options with regard to application method, quality and budget. Hundreds of ink colors and options as well as a variety of finishes and elements that can be customized to meet your product needs and timeline are available.

You Can Count On Epsen Hillmer Graphics

We can fully explain the various options and match your labeling needs to the right option for your particular product. If your product label simply must stand up to the elements, you’ll want to explore the many water-resistant, oil-resistant and moisture-barring label products available from our high-tech label production facility in Omaha, Nebraska. Let’s talk labels, call us at 402-342-7000.