Using Pressure Sensitive Labels on Alcohol Bottles

POSTED 06/17/2016
Customized Wine Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

Pressure sensitive labels provide a way to make products stand out. And as any company in the spirits industry knows, standing out is essential to finding success. Regardless of the specific spirits product, whenever someone walks down the relevant aisle of a store, they’re met with a variety of options. Since most of the options may come in similar bottle sizes, it’s vital for a product to not blend in with the rest.

The good news is that’s a challenge Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help you tackle. As an Omaha label company with over 100 years of experience, we know what it takes to create alcohol bottle labels that people will notice. We will also help you ensure that once your bottles leave store shelves and end up in a refrigerator or cooler, the labels will continue to look great.

Taking a Look at the Benefits of Pressure Sensitive Labels

This type of label is produced on rolls. The application of pressure sensitive labels doesn’t require heat or activation. That makes it very easy to apply them with a machine or just by hand. PSLs can be produced with different types of adhesive, and a release liner can be used to protect the adhesive.

Another reason Epsen Hillmer Graphics commonly recommends pressure sensitive labels for alcohol bottles is these labels are quite durable. Given the varying temperatures alcohol bottles may experience and their likelihood of being exposed to moisture, these labels have the durability needed to deal with those conditions.

Design the Look You Truly Want for Your Alcohol Bottles

When it comes to design, pressure sensitive labels offer a lot of flexibility. The labels’ shape is the perfect example of how they can be customized to fit any need. While a rectangular label may be exactly what’s needed for an alcohol bottle, it’s possible to opt for a custom shape that gives your bottles an even more distinctive appearance.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics can also help you achieve your design goals through the use of vibrant inks and various materials. Using these different forms of customization makes it possible to create labels that will be truly unique to your bottles. And because we handle all of our design and printing in-house, we’re able to offer fully customized pressure sensitive labels at very attractive rates.

Get Excellent Labels By Calling Epsen Hillmer Graphics at (402) 342-7000

As you may have noticed from reading everything above, we don’t settle for anything less than the best. Not only do we care about helping our clients create excellent labels for their products, but we also want them to have an amazing experience working with us. That’s reflected in everything from how we communicate to the savings on shipping costs we’re able to provide.

So whether it’s a new design or a redesign, if you want to give your alcohol bottles the look they need to find real success, call our Omaha office today at (402) 342-7000.