Useful Label Tips for Pet Shampoos

POSTED 02/11/2016
Pet Care Product Custom Label - EHG

Pet owners spend a lot of money to ensure their dogs or cats are happy and healthy. That’s why the market for pet shampoos is both very large and very competitive. One of the ways that companies in this space can make their products stand out is with their bottle labels. We’re going to cover the best type of labels for products in this category, as well as how to create the perfect look for them.

The Best Type of Labels for Pet Shampoos

Of the different types of labels that are available, pressure sensitive labels are an ideal match for pet shampoos. The first reason these labels are such a great choice is they offer exceptional durability. By printing pressure sensitive labels on film, you can be confident that your product bottle will continue to look great even after it gets wet multiple times. Other types of labels and materials simply can’t offer that level of durability. This lasting quality can play an important part in getting consumers to purchase the same bottle of pet shampoo when they go back to the store after running out.

Getting the Perfect Look Through Label Customization

The next reason that PSLs are a great option for pet shampoos sold in bottles is these labels offer fantastic graphics. Some of the design add-ons available for these labels are hot foil stamping, textured varnishes, rotary screening and metallics. By working with the talented team that Epsen Hillmer Graphics has in Omaha, you can take advantage of the add-ons that are right for your label and get the perfect look.

In addition to the durability and look of pressure sensitive labels, they offer a big advantage with their application. This type of label can be applied to any type of bottle or other product that has a smooth surface. In terms of how PSLs are applied, a business can decide whether they want to do it by hand or with a machine.

Having options for both the manufacturing and application of pressure sensitive labels makes them very cost-effective for business of all sizes. That means businesses which produce a smaller run or want to test a new shampoo can use these labels, as well as businesses that are already producing their pet shampoos in larger quantities.

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