Use Pressure Sensitive Labels for Wine Bottles

POSTED 02/11/2015
Customized Wine Labels - Epsen Hillmer Graphics

Between 2010 and 2013, total annual wine consumption in the United States grew from 784 million gallons to 892 million gallons. Given that the biggest wine brand in the US only has 6.5% of the market, there’s still a lot of room in this industry for innovative wine companies that understand the value in utilizing branding elements like pressure sensitive labels.

Whether you’re an established wine company that’s interested in updating your brand or a wine startup that’s working hard to get a new product off the ground, you can greatly benefit from Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ long history in this industry. As a family-owned company in Omaha with a history of beverage labels that spans more than a century, we know the level of quality wine brands require in order to thrive. Delivering that standard of quality is why pressure sensitive labels are our top choice for wine bottles.

The Top 5 Factors That Influence Consumers’ Enjoyment of Wine

Based on research conducted by the University of South Australia’s Ehrenberg-Bass Institute for Marketing Science, there are five key factors that influence how much consumers enjoy wine. Factors #3 through #5 are sensory attributes/taste, grape variety and wine region. While a common assumption is that taste is the most important factor, the study found that there are actually two factors that have a bigger impact than taste.

Factors #1 and #2 are packaging and brand. Since packaging is the biggest factor that ultimately determines how consumers feel about wine, it’s easy to understand why choosing the right type of label for a wine bottle is such an important decision.

Pressure Sensitive Labels are the Ideal Fit for Wine Bottles

Out of all the different types of labels that are available, pressure sensitive labels are by far the best option for wine bottles. This label’s name comes from it only requiring light pressure (as opposed to heat or activation) to be applied to any smooth surface. Other features of PSLs include the availability of different adhesive types, as well as the flexibility to apply them by hand or with a machine.

Not only are pressure sensitive labels a great fit for wine bottles thanks to their ease of application, but also because they look so good. The high-quality graphics that PSLs offer mean consumers will perceive a wine with this type of label to have a lot of value. And thanks to the availability of custom die-cut options and a variety of add-ons (such as Hot Stamping, Embossing and Screen Printing), PSLs provide a way to create the ideal label to help establish the brand identity of a wine.

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