Top Applications and Benefits of Cut & Stack Labels

POSTED 10/20/2016
EHG - Cut Stack Labels for Beer and Other Products

Cut & stack labels are a style of labels which are printed on large rolls or sheets. After these rolls or sheets are taken off a printing press, they’re stacked and cut into their desired shape. Any number of shapes can be utilized through the use of pre-made die cuts. Once cut, the labels are stacked again. When the time comes to apply the labels, the most common method is to overlap a cut & stack label around a product and then glue the label to itself. For specific uses like beer bottles, these labels can also be applied by gluing them directly to the product.

4 Popular Product Uses for Cut & Stack Labels

When you start evaluating this type of label for your own needs, it’s helpful to know some examples of the types of products cut & stack labels are most commonly used for. The first two uses are beer and nonalcoholic beverages. Although these products are marketed to different types of consumers, the reason they often share the same label solution is cut & stack labels provide strong economies of scale for high-volume or high-SKU orders.

Food items and household goods are two other examples of products often labeled with a cut & stack solution. Whether it’s a jar, bottle or can, these labels are an especially popular choice for store brands. As mentioned above, the ability to die cut these labels and create any shape makes it possible to get a custom look at a very attractive rate.

5 Reasons to Use Cut & Stack Labels

In addition to these labels being a popular option for a variety of products, there are several more benefits we want to highlight. The first is the design versatility of these labels. Second, cut & stack labels provide rapid turnarounds. They’re also available in a number of high-performance materials. For any product that needs 360-degree branding, a full-wrap cut and stack label is a great way to accomplish that. These labels also offer solid durability and produce minimal waste.

If you think these labels may be the right choice for your product but aren’t 100% sure, Epsen Hillmer Graphics will be happy to help you decide. We can use our experience with designing and printing labels to help you determine if cut & stack labels will provide all the features you expect. And if for any reason they won’t, we can help you pick another label solution that will work best.

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