Today’s Diverse Food Industry Requires the Right Label

POSTED 02/28/2017
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Think of the hundreds of thousands of food labels on grocery shelves today. Making your product stand out from all the rest with creative, appropriate labeling can mean the difference between customers noticing and selecting your product, or not. It goes without saying that there is a lot to consider when choosing the right food labeling options to capture consumer attention and ultimately influence their purchasing behavior.

Getting consumers’ attention is only part of the equation. You must also consider important factors such as the durability and shelf life of the food label (will it hold up to delivery, storage and stocking?), the application in question, and the overall cost and time associated with producing the label so you can get your food items to grocery shelves.

It may seem that there are just as many food label types as there are food products. Knowing which label to select and what to consider when determining the right choice can seem overwhelming. Here are some common food labeling challenges and solutions to consider:

Do you need bright, appealing colors on a label that is customizable and long-lived when applied and is suitable for a wide variety of products?

Consider Pressure Sensitive Labels, also called PSL or stickers. They are applied with light pressure without activation or heat. PSLs often have release liners that protect the adhesive and assist label handling. Pressure Sensitive Labels are usually produced on rolls and are either hand or machine applied to the finished product.

Does your food product require large or especially durable labeling, or are you labeling beverage items?

In-Mold (Blow Mold) labels are a good choice. This special labeling process fuses the label directly to the product packaging, providing a durable option for products like beverages or liquids that are often produced in larger sized packaging that require a longer shelf life.

Do you have large-volume labeling needs and cost is an important consideration?

Roll-to-Roll is a great option. These labels are delivered in large, uncut rolls and are cost-effective for large quantity applications. Note that roll-to-roll labeling is only suitable for full-wrap packaging (such as on jars, bottles or straight-walled containers).

Dealing with extreme elements and shipping hazards?

You’ll want to consider Cut & Stack labels. Highly economical, these labels can stand up to moisture, extreme temperatures can be printed on a wide variety of materials or substrates, and are very well suited for large volume food labeling needs.

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