Tips for Creating the Perfect Craft Brew Label

POSTED 10/31/2017
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

With craft beer sales are soaring more than ever, having a label with an edgy look that speaks your mission and vision can be the golden ticket, setting you apart from all other crafters beers. With fall and craft beers going together review a few tips below to become a prominent player in the beverage market.

In the craft beer world, there really is no comparison between a typical domestic beer and one that is craft-brewed. This very distinction means that your label should also portray the look and feel of something special, unique, creative and different.

Creating an award-winning craft beer label isn’t easy, but Epsen Hillmer Graphics has years of experience helping other brewers, both small and large, produce craft beer labels that truly set any unique brew apart. With options including pressure sensitive labels or cut and stack labels, both of which include highly-customizable, colorful and distinctive finish options, you may feel that you have too many decisions to choose from.

We can help narrow down your choices, based on a few craft beer design tips we’ve learned along the way:

Dare to be Different

We realize you already know this or you wouldn’t be brewing craft beers in the first place. As you begin conceptualizing the type of label you’d like to use for your new brew, think first about the message you’re trying to convey and the audience you want to reach. Is there a story behind your craft beer, or some inspiration you drew from in creating it?

Details, Details

We really can’t emphasize this enough. While the purpose of a label is to indicate the name, maker, ingredients and alcohol volume, there is a lot more to a craft beer label that should be included to make the most impact. If your beer is seasonal, you’ll want to include some fall elements in the imagery and label design that really speak to what someone might expect to experience inside the bottle. Does your brewery follow a theme because of your name, location or creative leanings? Incorporate that on the label and have fun with it!

Epsen Hillmer Graphics specializes in working with craft brewers to produce labels that fit the personality of your unique craft beer creation. If the options and choices seem overwhelming, give us a call at (402) 342-7000! We are happy to help with everything from inspiration, to design, to labeling.