Tips for Choosing Custom Labels for Essential Oils Packaging

POSTED 09/06/2018
The Essence of Essential Oils Package Labeling - EHG

According to a 2017 research report, the U.S. essential oil market size was valued at USD 3.36 billion in 2015 and is expected to witness an estimated growth rate of 9.0% from 2016 to 2024. While essential oils have been around for centuries, they are just now being appreciated for the many ways they can be used – in the pharmaceutical, medical, dietary and therapeutic applications – just to name a few.

Essential Oil Products Require an Experienced Label Manufacturer Like Epsen Hillmer Graphics

Essential oils can create particular labeling challenges. Once the bottle is opened, it is easy for some of the oils to seep outside, then penetrate the label rendering it unreadable if the wrong type of label is applied. Another common issue relates to the cleanliness of the bottle after it is filled and before the labeling process even begins. Often, an oily residue is left behind even by the most careful bottlers, and that can ultimately affect the adhesion of the label.

If the exact right papers or films and adhesives aren’t used for producing the labels applied to oil products, it is entirely possible that the label will simply fall before it even gets to a store shelf. That won’t happen if you choose Epsen Hillmer Graphics as your custom label partner for your essential oil products.

In fact, Epsen Hillmer Graphics in Omaha, Nebraska has been labeling potentially hard to label products such as essential oils for hundreds of years. You can trust that we know exactly how to make sure these products get to market with high-quality, long-lasting labels made just for your oil application.

Long-Lasting Essential Oils Labels Begin with Proper Paper, Adhesive Selections

Epsen Hillmer Graphics in Omaha, Nebraska has an excellent track record with essential oil packagers and we’ve earned it through many years of providing the type of high-quality labels this particular product requires. With a number of label options, papers, films, substrates and finishes available, your package designers can confer with our labeling specialists to make sure the label selected not only looks great but is also appropriate for your application and designed to last.

Just as important is the adhesive that is selected for labels applied to essential oils. Not every label manufacturer knows the types of adhesives that work best with oily product ingredients, but Epsen Hillmer Graphics does and we are happy to help guide you to the right selection the first time, saving time and money on custom labeling projects just like these.

Selecting the Best Type of Label for Essential Oils

We mentioned that Epsen Hillmer Graphics has a number of label types from which to choose and some of those include pressure sensitive (which are often thought of as stickers), cut and stack, and roll to roll.

While any of these options are suitable for essential oils labeling, a few factors such as budget, the quantity needed and the final use/application of the product will determine which is best for your particular situation. From there, selecting papers and films that are best for your project, identifying the exact right adhesive and making your labels a reality is what Epsen Hillmer Graphics does each and every day.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Would Love to Help You Design the Perfect Label for Your Essential Oil Products

Our custom label specialists are ready to help you find the exact right label for your essential oil product. Call us today at (402) 342-7000!