Design craft beer and soda labels according to style and season

POSTED 01/25/2019
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In our last post, our custom label printing company, Epsen Hillmer Graphics, discussed the importance of branding in the design of craft brewery and soda labels—paying close attention to the creativity and consistency of your branding strategy across your product line solidifies your brand in the minds of your customers, but there’s more you can do to make your custom craft beer and soda labels pop!

Today we’re going to go further in depth to talk about seasonal design strategies that boost brand identity and the subtle detail work in beverage labeling design that will draw new customers to your product and keep your brand popular with your regulars, too.

Design according to style and season

Thinking about the style of beer or soda you’re marketing and the season you’re marketing it in can lead to great custom bottle labeling opportunities. Whether you’re selling a Porter, Imperial Stout, or Barley wine; a cream soda, root beer, or strawberry hibiscus soda, each style of beverage has a rich history and tradition that lends itself to many eye-catching and clever beverage labels.

Seasonal changes also allow you to brand your products to popular themes and festivities (for this time of year think Winter Warmers and the like). An added benefit to branding according to seasons is that it provides that “Limited Time Only!” impetus that can provoke an immediate purchase–if a customer is enticed by your quality and creative beverage labels and knows that the product may not be on shelves the next time they come in to the store, they’re more likely to pick it up now.

You can’t underestimate the power of subtle details

Customers notice details in every design stage. From your choice of paper or film (matte or glossy, textured or slick) to art direction and font choices, these tactile and visual details can convey powerful messages about your product even before a customer reads the label.

Once you have the customer’s attention, though, you have to keep it, and that’s where some secondary design elements come into play. Including a brief history of the brewery or soda-maker and its process on the back of the bottle is a great way to familiarize a new customer to your product quickly, and incorporating subtle shifts in design elements from time to time gives your customers a reason to take a closer look. A perfect example of this would be giving a product with year-round availability a unique seasonal label. This draws customer attention and motivates sales by offering fresh visuals for a familiar or well-known product.

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We hope this guide gives you some good ideas of where to start in designing custom bottle labels that make your products memorable. Remember that while this post deals with craft brewing and soda industries, the tips and tricks we covered can apply generally to any food or beverage company looking to create exceptional labels for their products.

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