What a Custom Label Printing Company Can Do For Craft Beer and Soda Labels

POSTED 01/11/2019
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

If you’re in the small craft brewing or soda business, chances are you take as great of care with the outside of your bottle as what goes inside it. If you don’t or haven’t thought about it, our custom beverage label experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics want to discuss why you should pay close attention to your custom label designs. While craft brewing and soda are still small niche markets, they are growing industries that can be hard to dive into with a new product and expect to get noticed right away!

The existing craft beer and soda markets are surprisingly complex for their size, with dozens or even hundreds of different companies each with their own group of fanatically loyal followers. You can see how it can be difficult for a new brewery or soda-maker to make a space for themselves and convince drinkers to take a chance with something new rather than sticking with their current favorites.

What a custom label printing company can Do

Our custom label printing company, Epsen Hillmer Graphics, argues that a large part of winning new customers over to your brand is the quality and creativity of your label designs, and to that end we’ll use this post to give you some tips that will help you create the kinds of custom labels for bottles that make your product stand out from the crowd!

You need to leverage creative branding

Imagine this: you’re at the bar (or the grocery store), trying to decide which bottle out of the long line to try. What’s the first step in making your choice? If you’re like most people your first filter is visual, and this happens unconsciously.

Even before you know what kind of beers or sodas they are or what they’re called, out of many choices and the pressure to pick something (mind that there are people lining up behind you now) you go with one that has a label with a creative and eye-catching design.

So if your product has lackluster branding, it’s unlikely that you’ll get much exposure, even if your beverage is the best.

Consistent branding is important, too

Branding itself is a complex concept in craft brewing and soda-making, with many variables that need to be balanced along with your entire product line. Matching font and art image styles across all your products is a great way to solidify your brand’s identity, and even the texture and finish of the label paper is important in communicating what kind of product you’re offering.

Savvy beer and soda drinkers who have existing knowledge and genuine interest in your product and the work involved in making it are looking for those little touches that demonstrate your care and will pay for what they perceive as quality.

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