The Right Food Labels to Grab Millennial Customers

POSTED 06/24/2015
Grocery Labels - EHG (Female Shopping)

Although millennials haven’t had the easiest time over the last decade, that doesn’t mean they’re shying away from being consumers. However, many of the things that are most important to millennials are significantly different from traditional consumer behaviors. If your company sells a food product in Omaha or anywhere in the United States and you’re interested in connecting with this segment of the market, it’s important to know what millennials want to see when they look at food labels.

5 Food Label Phrases That Matter to Millennials

The first phrase that this group of consumers cares about is Fairtrade Certified. Although it can be challenging to obtain this certification, the fact that it stands for treating workers and producers fairly goes a very long way with millennials. Next up on the list is USDA Organic. While this is by no means a new distinction that products can obtain, it’s one that still has a lot of influence within this group.

Cage-free or free-range are the next group of words that millennial consumers will look for when they’re scanning over what’s printed on a food label. Food Alliance Certified is another that more millennials are paying attention to on labels. Finally, Certified Humane is an important distinction that many millennials actively seek out. Even though this is another standard that can be difficult to meet, it’s something to strongly think about in the event that it is a good fit for your product.

Choosing the Right Labels for Your Food Products

As you may have noticed, not every phrase we covered in the previous section is going to be applicable to all food products. But since most food products should be able to utilize at least one of those phrases, the important takeaway is that language matters a lot to the millennial market.

Not only are millennials looking for the right language on food labels, but they also expect a certain style. So if you’re frustrated that what you’re selling hasn’t connected with this market, there’s a very good chance that it’s the result of a packaging problem. Fortunately, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has the expertise and resources to help you remedy the problem.

Since we’ve worked with numerous food product companies in Omaha and across the rest of the United States, we know what works, as well as what should be avoided. In addition to the knowledge that we bring to the table, we also offer truly high quality labels. That’s why choosing Epsen Hillmer Graphics is a proven way to take your food products to the next level.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Can Help Your Food Products Grow: (402) 342-7000

If you want to find the right way to connect with the millennial market and ultimately grow your business, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is here to help you. Regardless of the specific stage you’re at in terms of marketing and packaging, we can provide what you need. To learn more about exactly how we can assist your company, call us at (402) 342-7000 so we can discuss your business and the goals you’ve set for it.