Specialty Flexographic Printing for Pet Care Products

POSTED 01/20/2016
Pet Care Product Custom Label - EHG

If your company makes great pet care products but you’re worried that the bottles don’t stand out enough on store shelves, specialty flexographic printing can ensure your products get the attention they deserve. Retail shelves are very competitive, which is why regardless of how good your product is, consumers in Omaha and other cities aren’t going to choose it if they don’t notice it among all the other options they’re looking at.

With the right label design, you can ensure that more consumers reach out and grab your product. Then when they read the description and see why it’s such a great option for their pet, there’s a very good chance they will buy it. Taking a consumer through those steps is possible to do with the help of specialty flexographic printing.

Specialty Flexographic Printing for Pet Care Product Bottles 101

As we discussed in a previous blog post, pressure sensitive labels are an excellent option for pet shampoos, conditioners or any other product that comes in a bottle. To get great pressure sensitive labels you need the latest and greatest technology and Epsen Hillmer Graphics provides that with our state of the art Flexogracphic printing presses. This option allows for vibrant colors, high quality standards and at EHG we can add cold or hot foil stamping to your product. Whether you’re going for a very modern design or want to position your product as a luxury item for pets, the metallic accents of hot foil stamping will give your product bottles a truly impressive look.

Another method that Epsen Hillmer Graphics offers within this category is rotary screen-printing. The big advantage of this method is it provides a lot of control over the opacity of labels. A common use of screen-printing is to show off the bottle’s color by using a clear film. With standard printing, the color may change in a way you don’t like. Rotary Screen-printing makes it possible to avoid that issue by first printing a layer of white ink onto the back of the label.

Last but certainly not least, Wow Texture from Epsen Hillmer Graphics truly lives up to its name. Going back to the customer path we described above, Wow Texture allows you to go beyond simply grabbing a consumer’s attention. With this special printing option, you can further engage consumers as soon as they pick up your pet care product bottle from a store shelf. Through this special process, we make it possible to add texture to any area of your product’s label. From a textured spot on your front logo to an interesting texture along the sides, this is something consumers will definitely take notice of as soon as your product bottle is in their hands.

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As a local Omaha business that’s been around for over a century, we know what it takes to make truly great labels. We can use our expertise and industry-leading equipment to help you create the absolute best labels for your pet care products. If you’d like to discuss your products and label options with our team in detail, we invite you to call our office at (402) 342-7000.