Skin Care Products Need Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 01/30/2015
Customized Labels for Health and Beauty Products

The estimated size of the global skin care market in 2014 was $110 billion. As a result of the ever-increasing competition, companies need to utilize elements like pressure sensitive labels in order to make their skin care products stand out.

Since pressure sensitive labels from Epsen Hillmer Graphics can catch consumers’ eyes in Omaha and anywhere else across the globe, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about these labels.

The Basics of Pressure Sensitive Labels

In order to apply many types of labels, heat or activation is required. One of the traits that make PSLs unique is their application only requires light pressure. These labels are most commonly produced on rolls, and have a release liner. The liner both protects the label’s adhesive and makes the label easier to handle. Another unique trait of pressure sensitive labels is they can have a variety of different adhesive types. The ability to use different adhesives means these labels can work perfectly with all kinds of products. Depending on the desired use, PSLs can be applied to a product by hand or a machine.

Reasons Why Pressure Sensitive Labels are Ideal for Skin Care Products

Thanks to our long history in Omaha, Epsen Hillmer Graphics prides itself on matching specific products to the best label solution. Based on all of our experience and commitment to always staying at the forefront of the industry, there are several key reasons we believe pressure sensitive labels are the best solution for skin care products.

The first reason we recommend this specific type of label to skin care companies is because the labels can be used on virtually any type of product. Whether a product requires a front & back or single label application, PSLs can be used. The second reason that this specific option is our label of choice for skin care products is because they offer the flexibility of being applied by hand or machine. This provides cost-effectiveness, as well as the ability to adjust the label easily, during both manufacturing and application.

Last but certainly not least, PSLs offer very high-quality graphics. Since branding and being able to catch consumers’ eyes is critical in the highly competitive skin care industry, PSLs are up to the task. When you take into account that pressure sensitive labels also provide very appealing durability and can be produced in any shape thanks to custom die-cuts, it becomes very clear why these labels are ideally suited to skin care products.

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