Why You Shouldn’t Home Print Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 07/08/2014
EHG Cost Effective Customized Product Labels

Do Not Home Print Labels - EHG Tells You WhyEveryone’s seen those home label-printing kits that you can buy at any office supply store. You know, the kind that come with some rudimentary software and low-quality label stock that you have to run through an inkjet printer. They certainly look cheap enough, and you may be wondering whether you could get those to work for your next pressure sensitive labels project. We here at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, Omaha’s leading custom label printing company, are here to tell you why you should toss those home label printing kits and call our label printing experts when you need to print the best high-quality pressure sensitive labels!

Home Kits Actually Cost More than the Pros!

Unless you’re a business that’s just starting out with a minimal number of pressure sensitive labels you need to print, home label-printing kits are a waste of money and time. Think of it this way: home kits usually let you print around 100 labels for $20, and that boils down to 20 cents a label. That sounds pretty inexpensive, right? Not when you factor in the ink you have to buy and the time you have to spend sitting by the printer making sure every sheet gets printed correctly!

Again, these kits aren’t bad for those with a very limited number of labels to print and who are satisfied with less than professional-looking results, but what about for those who need five to ten thousand pressure sensitive labels at a time?

This is about the time that home printing starts to sound ridiculous. It would cost you $1000 to print those five thousand labels yourself, and that’s not including the expensive ink refills you have to buy or the hours you’d spend fighting with the not-so-trusty inkjet printer when you could be doing something else.

Instead, you should count on the experience and state-of-the-art equipment that we at Epsen Hillmer Graphics have at our disposal to create the best-looking professional pressure sensitive labels for your consumer products.

With Epsen Hillmer Graphics You Have More Options

With everything from materials to adhesive types to custom finishes, EHG has you covered to create pressure sensitive labels that match your exact specifications. With home label-printing kits, though, you only have one option—a one-size-fits-all approach with flimsy material, weak adhesive, and no protective finishes!

Instead of settling for an amateur job that makes your products look less than spectacular, you should invest in your company and your brand by going with truly custom pressure sensitive labels from a professional label printing company like EHG.

Whatever your needs, our team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics can meet and exceed them. From the latest in embossing techniques to custom foil stamping, wet-strength paper and film materials, and adhesives for a wide range of applications, the choice is clear!

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Hopefully our custom label printing experts have shown you the light when it comes to home-printing for pressure sensitive labels! If you have a substantial number of labels to print and you want professional results that make your business look its best, give our team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics in Omaha a call today at (402) 342-7000. We’ll answer any questions you have about the process of pressure sensitive label printing and get started creating the custom labels of your dreams!