Seasonal Product Labels Catch Buyers’ Attention, Influence Sales

POSTED 05/25/2017

It’s true that we are a long way from the typical holidays often associated with the word “seasonal”, but savvy marketers know that consumer-buying habits increase around just about every holiday, not just the ones we might consider “big.” The great news is that there’s still plenty of time ahead for seasonal product marketers to use as an advantage when labeling and promoting their goods.

Take a moment to think about your own buying habits around special seasonal events like Memorial Day, Father’s Day or Independence Day, which are literally, just around the corner. Chances are your shopping cart becomes a little fuller as you prepare for these events and, if you are a typical consumer, you gravitate toward those brands that celebrate right along with you by featuring custom labels designed for the season.

Seasonal Graphics Can Draw the Attention of Consumers

Labels that are themed to match the season can make products more appealing and encourage impulse buying. Simply incorporating the colors of the season like red, white and blue for Independence Day, can catch a buyer’s attention and enhance the spirit of the consumer. Along theme colors for any holiday, adding a special seasonal message to a product label such as “thank you to our veterans for Memorial Day” can create the emotion in a buyer that sets one product apart from the others.

Festive Doesn’t Mean Unaffordable

Many businesses believe they can’t afford to rebrand and re-label your products for every holiday on the calendar. With the many options Epsen Hillmer Graphics has to offer, an attractive label is more affordable than you could imagine. For example, Cut and Stack labels are extremely cost-effective to produce and can actually be done using Combination Printing to save costs. With both of these options, you could print an entire year’s worth of product labels designed for every season in one print run. Multiple products that share like characteristics (material, colors, etc.) can be produced on a single run, maximizing efficiency and saving costs during print label production.

Try Seasonal Stickers to Give a Fresh, New Look

One of the many tricks that can be applied to your existing or dead inventory to give it a fresh, new look and move product is adding a seasonal sticker. Digital Printing can be done quickly and in very small print runs to accomplish a simple seasonal look with a minimum design time and cost. Instead of leaving inventory on the warehouse shelf, try adding the element of seasonal awareness and use it as an advantage to sell product.

No matter the celebration – people’s spending habits increase during seasonal holidays. By marketing your product or service using seasonal themes, your product stands a better chance of not only being seen, but also purchased.

Are you ready to put some seasonal excitement in your product labeling? Epsen Hillmer Graphics is ready to help you identify the best options including design, shape, materials and finishes to make your product stand out among all others no matter the occasion. Call us today at (402) 342-7000.