Rebranding Beauty Products with New Labels

POSTED 03/25/2016
EHG - Customized Eye-Catching Beauty Labels

If your company has a beauty product that works great but you’re not fully satisfied with how consumers are responding to it, using new labels to rebrand that product may be exactly what’s needed to kickstart sales. While there are generally quite a few other elements that go into rebranding a product, new labels will play a central role in determining whether or not the rebrand is a success.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we have a lot of experience creating labels for beauty products. Since we’ve been operating in Omaha for over 100 years, we know what works great, as well as the types of choices that generally fall short of expectations. So to help make your beauty product rebrand a success, we want to provide some advice based on our expertise:

The Best Style for New Labels

There are several different types of labels that can be applied to bottles. Out of the various options that are available, pressure sensitive labels are almost always the best choice for beauty products. With this option, light pressure is all that’s needed to apply the new labels. The fact that no heat or activation is required for application means pressure sensitive labels can be applied by machine or hand.

Another reason PSLs are such a good fit for beauty product bottles is they’re quite durable. You can count on your products to continue looking great even after multiple uses. That includes beauty products which may be exposed to humidity or direct water on a regular basis.

Design Elements That Make a Difference

On top of all their other features, another reason pressure sensitive labels are such an appealing choice is they make it easy to create virtually any type of design you want. Being able to create the exact design you want includes add-ons like metallics, textured varnishes, hot foil stamping and rotary screening.

While the availability of so many design options is a very good thing, it can also be a little overwhelming. That’s why it’s always a good idea to follow best practices for beauty product label design. Specifically, labels need to feature a properly sized font that catches consumers’ attention. Then when they pick up the bottle, there needs to be enough information printed on the label that they feel confident about purchasing it.

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There’s a lot that goes into creating great labels for a beauty product. If you want to ensure that all best practices are followed for your labels, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the partner you need. While we have all the equipment needed to handle label runs of any size, the fact that we’re from the great city of Omaha means we pride ourselves on always delivering truly great customer service.

So if you want to work with a label and printing company that will be fully invested in making your beauty product rebrand a success, give our office a call today at (402) 342-7000.