Quality Cut & Stack Labels to Make Sauce Bottles Stand Out

POSTED 02/04/2015
Beginners Guide for Customized Labels by EHG

The US hot sauce market has grown by 150% since 2000. If your company produces this or any other type of sauce, high quality cut & stack labels can provide you with a competitive edge. To put the growth of the US hot sauce market in perspective, it’s greater than that of mustard, mayonnaise and ketchup combined.

And while not on quite the same trajectory as hot sauce, other sauce products like soy and BBQ sauces have experienced significant growth across Omaha and the rest of the United States.

Since Epsen Hillmer Graphics understands exactly how competitive shelf space is for sauces, we want to help your business grow by empowering you with the absolute best type of labels for sauce bottles.

Sauce Bottles Should Have Cut & Stack Labels

Either a large sheet or roll fed printing press is used to print cut & stack labels. After cutting the labels, the most common form of application is gluing the label to itself after overlapping it. Some companies choose to handle the application process on their own, while others have a co-packer handle this work.

While Epsen Hillmer Graphics produces a variety of label types, there are several key reasons why we specifically recommend cut & stack labels for sauce bottles. First on the list of benefits is that this specific type of label works very well for applications that require high volume. Specifically, the already attractive base pricing of cut & stack labels becomes even more appealing as order size increases.

The next benefit that makes these labels such a good fit for sauce bottles is their durability. As labels are shipped from Omaha all over the country or even the world, there’s a chance that at least some bottles will be exposed to moisture. With cut & stack labels, that type of exposure won’t lead to the labels being ruined. These labels are able to stand up to these conditions.

Last but certainly not least is the ability to produce these labels from more than one type of material. Since the sauce market is such a hot sector, there’s no shortage of competition. Due to the fact that standing out from other products is vital for success, it’s nice to know these labels can be printed in different ways. Opting for paper, synthetic or clear labels may be exactly what’s needed for a sauce to reach the next level of success.

We Can Help Make Your Sauce a Big Hit: (402) 342-7000

Before you can make a consumer’s taste buds happy, you have to catch their eye. At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we can help you use cut & stack labels to accomplish that goal. Our company history in Omaha goes back more than 100 years. Based on our success, we understand what your sauce bottles need in order to stand out. We also have the resources and skills to deliver that level of quality. If you’re ready to get labels that will help your sauce thrive, (402) 342-7000 is the number to call.