PSL 101: The Best Type of Labels for Hair Care Products

POSTED 02/20/2015
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Although the US hair care industry grew by 2% in 2013, over half of the market is still dominated by three major players. If your company is looking for ways to take away more of this market share, you need to take advantage of proven branding elements like pressure sensitive labels. Since Epsen Hillmer Graphics is passionate about helping businesses in Omaha and across the US choose the right label solutions, we want to cover why pressure sensitive labels are the best option for hair care products.

Pressure Sensitive Labels 101

Most labels are applied using either heat or activation. A unique advantage of pressure sensitive labels is neither of those elements is necessary for application. Instead, light pressure is all that’s required. Since PSLs are made on rolls and feature a release liner, they’re very easy to handle. The way these labels are produced also ensures that their adhesive is protected. Pressure sensitive labels also offer the advantage of being available with different types of adhesive. This flexibility means that applying PSLs to almost any type of product is easy to do by machine or hand.

The Benefits of Choosing Pressure Sensitive Labels for Hair Care Products

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, our experience producing labels in Omaha dates back over 100 years. Because we’ve produced labels for just about every type of application you can think of, a key part of our service is helping customers choose the absolute best labels for their specific needs. So when it comes to hair care products, we know from experience that the benefits of PSLs can’t be beat.

With PSLs, you can get the same level of performance and quality on products that require a single label application as those that need a front & back application. On the subject of flexibility, being able to apply these labels by machine or hand offers multiple benefits. Not only is it easy to make adjustments during manufacturing or application, but PSL’s flexibility is very appealing in terms of cost-effectiveness.

The other reason we recommend these labels is because they look really good. As a business that deals with hair care products on a daily basis, you already know the extremely high level of competition in this industry. Because connecting with consumers when they’re looking at multiple products on a shelf is essential, having a label that looks really good provides a major competitive edge. An added bonus is that PSLs can easily be created in whatever shape is going to look best on your specific product bottle.

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If you want to work with a company that cares about how your products look on Omaha shelves and anywhere else in the world, Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the partner you need. Because we truly care about our work, you’ll never have to settle for less than the best. Call us at (402) 342-7000 to begin the process of creating incredible labels for your hair care products.