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POSTED 07/18/2014
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beginning the perfect labelYou’ve put a lot of time and effort into your cut & stack labels design, and now you’re ready to send that all-important image file to our custom label printing team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics! In just a short time you’ll have professionally-printed, eye-catching labels that you or a co-packer can utilize to sell your consumer products with ease. But before you start thinking that you’re done when you finish the graphic design stage, our team at EHG wants to tell you about some things to keep in mind. You need to make sure your labels can stand up to the conditions they’re going to be in, from shipping and storage to actual consumer use.

Take it from us, the materials, adhesives, and specialty coatings you choose have just as big an effect on the outcome of your cut & stack labels project as how interesting your design is. In fact, these features can even be integrated into the design of your labels for a unique combination of form and function. Today, our label printing company in Omaha will let you in on some specific ways that you can make sure your cut & stack labels stand up to the elements and look their best for your customers!

Start with Your End Goal in Mind

When does your cut & stack labels project actually end? You may think that you can call it good when you finish the design, or when your labels get put on their containers, or when the final product gets shipped to the store where they’ll be sold, but really your project isn’t done until whoever uses your product is done with it

Why do we say this? It’s really simple. You have to think of how your cut & stack labels will hold up until the product you sell is actually used, and this time span can vary wildly depending on the product. If you’re selling an organic beverage, say, the consumer might drink and recycle it right after he or she buys it—but what if you’re creating cut and stack labels for canned foods that might sit in the pantry for months? You want to understand how your products will be used so you can plan to have their labels look great through their entire shelf life!

Don’t Make Assumptions with Your Cut & Stack Labels

Here’s the thing—unless your current project is an exact duplication of what you’ve done before, don’t assume that what worked then is going to work now. If anything (and we mean anything) has changed, from materials and colors to adhesive and varnish, consult with our custom label printing experts. We can determine the best processes for making your cut and stack labels look the way you want.

When In Doubt, Create a Backup

Anything can happen. That’s a stark truth that we tend not to think about because it’s just easier not to. But what happens when you’re getting ready to send us your triple-polished and finalized image file and your hard drive crashes? If you don’t have a plan in place that involves at least one backup, you may find yourself up a certain creek without a paddle!

Imagine all that hard work and time gone down the drain, then go and invest in a thumb drive, a portable hard drive, and maybe even store your designs in the cloud for good measure.

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We here at EHG hope that these tips help you on your way to creating fantastic cut & stack labels for your products. As the Midwest’s premier custom label printing company since 1908, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has seen it all and knows what kind of planning it takes to make sure your cut & stack labels come out looking their best. Give us a call today at (402) 342-7000 to see what we can do for your next label project!