Do Pressure Sensitive Labels Work on Household Products?

POSTED 02/09/2017
Household Cleaners - Custom Pressure Sensitive Labels

Consumers spend more than fifty-five billion dollars a year on household products. While the market for these items is huge, competition for shelf space and market space remains fierce. In fact, increased consumer scrutiny about common ingredients in many products has made it more important than ever for household product companies to have a truly compelling pitch.

If your company is in this space and wants to ensure your household products get the attention from consumers they deserve, taking a long look at your labels is a must. The first thing your labels need to do is grab consumers’ attention. Then once your labels have someone’s attention, they need to provide a compelling reason for that person to pick your product up instead of simply moving down the aisle.

In addition to what a label needs to accomplish when it’s on a store shelf, you need a label that’s going to stand up to all kinds of challenging conditions in someone’s home. Since it’s normal to find areas for improvement, we want to share a great way to ensure you’re completely happy with your labels in 2017 and beyond.

Pressure Sensitive Labels Are An Excellent Option

Based on the criteria we covered above, pressure sensitive labels are the best option for household products. For starters, pressure sensitive labels offer truly high-quality graphics. This makes it possible to create a design that will grab a consumer’s attention and then convey to them exactly why they should purchase your brand’s product. If part of your desired design involves a custom shape, pressure sensitive labels can be die-cut in any pattern.

Pressure sensitive labels also offer a lot of attractive features in regards to their application. Instead of requiring activation or heat, they can be applied with nothing more than light pressure. That provides the flexibility to apply them by hand or with a machine, along with being able to use them as a single label or for front & back labeling. Finally, the availability of different substrates and adhesives means these labels can provide excellent durability as they’re being used in someone’s home.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Can Help Your Household Products Stand Out

While pressure sensitive labels have a lot of appealing traits for household products, they’re only going to be as good as the company that designs and prints them. If you want to work with a company that’s been around for over a century and is truly invested in the success of all their customers, you’ll be very happy if you choose Epsen Hillmer Graphics to produce your pressure sensitive labels.

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