Pressure Sensitive Labels are Perfectly Suited for Glass Bottles

POSTED 09/29/2017
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If you are producing a product that is packaged in a glass bottle, you probably know there are a more than a few labeling options. While you can find many options for labeling glass bottles, you would be hard-pressed to find a more suitable label alternative than the pressure sensitive label (PSL).

How do you know what’s the best option for your glass-bottled product? That’s where Epsen Hillmer Graphics comes in. Whether your glass bottle contains a frosty beverage, a fermented concoction, an herbal remedy, vitamin water or some other liquid ingredient, our skilled specialists can help talk you through the label options, the pros (and cons of each) and consider your special needs such as cost, durability and production time.

Stick with Epsen Hillmer Graphics for Pressure Sensitive Labels

One of the labels frequently recommended by our label specialists for glass bottle label application are pressure sensitive labels as they adhere extremely well to the outer glass surface, resulting in a durable, long-lasting label that can stand up to harsh conditions such as the cold, heat, dampness or dusty storage conditions.

Because there are many different kinds of adhesives available for PSL application, Epsen Hillmer Graphics can help determine which adhesive, combined with our high-end pressure sensitive label technology, will work best for your glass bottled product.

How to Shape Up the Best Label

Glass bottles are typically cylindrical in shape with a curve or bend at the neck. This is another reason that pressure sensitive labels are well-suited for this type of labeling application. With die-cut label options to compliment bottle design, the distinct curvature, and style of your product, a pressure sensitive label will adhere and conform for a tight and long-lasting fit.

Pressure sensitive labels can also incredibly versatile from a label design perspective. They can be produced in a variety of vibrant colors using a limitless array of substrates and label finishes to help set your glass bottled product apart from all the others.

High-Quality, Low-Cost Labels

Items produced in glass bottles are frequently produced in large quantities, which is another reason why pressure sensitive labels simply fit the bill. Since these labels are manufactured with the adhesive included, they are less costly to produce than other labels that require a two-step adherence process. Pressure sensitive labels are essentially stickers, thus removing the extra glue and application expenses.

Still not sure? The best way to navigate through your options for labeling glass bottles is to call Epsen Hillmer Graphics at the earliest stages to make sure the design and production process is tailored to your unique needs.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics can provide cost-effective label design suggestions that allow you maximize savings while bringing creativity to a quality glass bottle label. Call one of our label specialists at (402) 342-7000.