Pressure Sensitive Labels for Skin & Hair Care Products

POSTED 08/07/2015
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Companies that produce skin & hair care products understand that they not only need to offer a great product, but that product needs to come in a bottle that grabs consumers’ attention. However, what they may not know is which kind of labels will best accomplish this goal. If you’re in this position, Epsen Hillmer Graphics recommends pressure sensitive labels. Since there are a variety of different labels that can be used on bottled products, we’re going to cover all the reasons we think PSLs are optimal for skin & hair care products.

Key Features of Pressure Sensitive Labels

The look of pressure sensitive labels is generally very close to that of a high-quality sticker. The way this type of label is constructed is the printed design actually sits on a liner. The purpose of the liner is to protect the adhesive that’s on the back. Thanks to the way that these labels are constructed, they offer above-average durability. Not only are pressure sensitive labels durable, but they look really great.

With pressure sensitive labels, there’s a lot you can do in regards to their looks. High-quality graphics, the availability of different materials, the ability to do custom die-cutting and add-on options are examples of what you can do to get the perfect look. In terms of specific add-on options, metallics, textured varnishes, hot foil stamping and rotary screening are all possible with PSLs.

Application and Adaptability

In addition to their great features, another reason that we highly recommend pressure sensitive labels to skin & hair care companies in Omaha and other cities is because of how they’re applied. When PSLs are shipped, they’re done so in rolls. Once they’re shipped to you or the bottling/packaging company you use, the labels can be applied by hand or machine. Since being able to choose the application method simply isn’t possible with many other labels, it’s a significant benefit of pressure sensitive labels.

Because PSLs can be applied in different ways, they can easily adapt to various packaging styles. So whether you’re thinking about testing multiple packaging options or simply want to ensure that your labels provide a truly custom look, pressure sensitive labels won’t disappoint you.

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Although opting for pressure sensitive labels will put you on the right path, that’s just one of many decisions you’ll need to make to ensure that your skin or hair care products look their absolute best. Because there are so many choices involved in this process, it’s very helpful to have a knowledgeable partner.

At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, our company history dates back a full century. While we’re very proud to be part of the local business community in Omaha, we have worked with companies from across the company. Our knowledge and equipment make it possible for us to consistently deliver the absolute best labels. To find out more about working with us, please give us a call at (402) 342-7000.