New Logo? Time to Redesign Your Product Label

POSTED 05/11/2017
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Making the decision to refresh a product logo brings with it a long list of follow-up “to-do’s” from updating corporate brochures and stationery, to altering marketing collateral. An important thing to add to the long list of updates is to bring that new logo to your product label design sooner, rather than later. Savvy marketers know that a logo is the hallmark and identifying characteristic of any product, and keeping those products in sync with a new corporate logo or brand identity is a must.

Time to Look at Custom Label Options

Just as much thought and effort should go into designing a new custom label as went into creating that new logo. Although your team is likely anxious to get the new brand identity on product shelves, label design isn’t the place to make rushed decisions. In fact, it presents a great opportunity to re-evaluate all label options such as finishes and materials or explore updated print technologies that may have emerged since you last went through the process of labeling your product.

For example, Pressure Sensitive Labels now come with a number of possible add-ons such as rotary screening, hot foil stamping, textured varnishes, and metallics. Labels can be printed using UV Flexographic, and/or silkscreen processes, all depending on your needs and vision for the new label. Labels can also be made in custom shapes and sizes to set your product apart from the others.

If you are labeling beverage products or large-sized liquids, Blow Mold (In-Mold) Labels could present your new logo or brand in vibrant colors with durable labels that are actually integrated into the package. This presents the opportunity for distinctive or uniquely-shaped packaging. Because Blow Mold Labels are die-cut after the printing process, they can be created in any shape. This makes them well suited to irregularly shaped containers that would otherwise be more expensive to label.

Should you Reinvent, or ‘Tweak’ your Product Label?

It is important to keep in mind having a new logo doesn’t mean your product label has to change radically. In fact, if customers are familiar with your brand and are accustomed to looking for a familiar product label on the shelf, you don’t want to make it harder for them to find it. Subtle design changes that feature your new logo, while remembering what has served you well in the past, is always a good strategy.

No matter how much work you put into the design and development a new label, involving a professional label provider early in the process will help ensure success. Working together with your team, label experts can help to assure your product label not only represents your brand and attracts customer attention but is suitably selected make sure that label is durable, long-lasting and professionally produced.

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