3 Things That Set EHG Apart From Other Label Manufacturers

POSTED 09/08/2017
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG

As we partner with new customers and continue our commitment to provide remarkable service to our long-standing ones, it’s important to reflect on what sets Epsen Hillmer Graphics (EHG) apart from others. Why should a customer consider our Omaha-based company for their custom labeling needs over all the other options out there? With our 100 years of success as an Omaha label manufacturer, we believe there are a lot of reasons. Here are a three that make us very proud to be Epsen Hillmer Graphics:

Our Experience Is Unmatched.

With 100+ years serving the labeling industry, you can say that Epsen Hillmer Graphics has grown right along with the evolution of label production and design. As a family-owned company, EHG has remained on the cutting edge of every emerging label technology and has perfected the techniques that produce quality labels for its customers time after time. We’re constantly adding clients, capabilities, new technologies and equipment to deliver exceptional label packaging products. Our labeling specialties range from health and beauty products to beverages, food, household products, private label and much more.

Our Customization Is Innovative.

We’re able to operate in a variety of industries with multiple label printing services to meet the unique labeling needs of every client. Singular attention to every labeling challenge has been answered with innovative technologies and custom solutions that can only be provided by an agile company like Epsen Hillmer Graphics. We have a well-customized facility that allows us the design and manufacturing freedom that today’s business environment demands. There isn’t any labeling challenge we aren’t up to solving. That kind of ingenuity and a desire to create solutions are a big part of the spirit and strength of our company today.

Our Employees Set The Standards.

This is, without a doubt, the greatest differentiator of all. Epsen Hillmer Graphics could have never remained in business this long without a team of people who share our commitment to quality work, individual customer attention, and our company’s success.

What they say about “Midwest work ethic” is certainly true and we have some of the hardest-working people in the industry, many of whom have been with our company for 10, 20 and 30 years. We’ve assembled a committed team of real craftsmen who have years of combined experience in label production.

Training, development and a family environment are vital components to growing EHG employees to their potential. They reward us again by meeting and exceeding customer expectations for their custom label projects. We know each and every one of our employees by their first name. The same is true for virtually all of our customers.

Let Epsen Hillmer Graphics Help With Your Next Labeling Challenge.

Although these components of our success – experience, customization and our valuable employees – aren’t something we talk about a lot, we should probably emphasize the impact that has just a little more often than we do. It’s true there are a lot of options out there for custom label production, but few companies can bring the experience, ability to innovate and quality personal attention Epsen Hillmer Graphics employees and our company can provide.

Looking for more evidence that Epsen Hillmer Graphics is the best label provider for your project’s needs? Call us at (402) 342-7000 and speak with one of our dedicated, experienced employees. Let us get to know your labeling challenges while we get to know you.