Materially Speaking, Cut & Stack Labels Bring Many Options

POSTED 01/11/2018
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Cut & Stack has been around for so long that those who purchase product labels may think they are just a simple paper, glue-affixed label. It’s true that the basic qualities of cut & stack labels begin with paper and glue, but today’s cut & stack has a lot to offer businesses looking for high quality, affordable label alternatives. The materials available for cut & stack labels are virtually endless and the applications are suitable for all types of products from food, beverages, household products, health and beauty items and so much more.

Paper Cut & Stack Labels

Paper is a versatile, economical choice for your any cut & stack label, but you should know that there is virtually an endless array of paper options from which to choose: Eco-friendly, 100% recycled papers; papers of various stock weights; matte papers; glossy papers; and on and on. This is what makes cut & stack such a great label option (there are so many possibilities!).

Wet-strength Paper Cut & Stack Labels

The best thing about paper as a label material is its nearly limitless customization options. Wet-strength paper, for example, is ideal when your product needs to survive more harsh use conditions, like in an ice chest or cooler. Customizable finishes and coatings can make your label practically impervious to moisture and humidity.

Synthetic Materials for Labels

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has one of the most robust programs in the nation when it comes to using synthetic materials for cut & stack label production. To add that additional “wow” to your label, consider these synthetic options including vinyls, foils, vellums, polyester, polypropylene, specialty varnishes and many more. Because of Epsen Hillmer Graphics’ extensive footprint in use of synthetic materials, we are able to produce them at premium saving to you at lead times unheard of from other label providers.

Clear Film Labels

It’s easy to see the appeal of clear film labels, In fact, you can see right through them! Cut & stack labels made of film allow the essential qualities of your product to show right through the label, becoming a part of the product label design itself and taking your label beyond those traditional opaque labels your competitors might be using.

How do you know which material is best for your unique product?

That’s easy. Contact Epsen Hillmer Graphics at 402-342-7000 to talk about all of the cut & stack label materials available for your project. Together, we’ll consider every detail and arrive at the best label option for your specific project.