The Many Materials of Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 09/04/2014
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

When creating custom pressure sensitive labels with Epsen Hillmer Graphics, one of the first steps for our customers to take is knowing what material (or substrate) is best to use for their situation. Today, our custom label printing experts at EHG will explain the most common types of materials used for pressure sensitive labels, including paper, wet-strength paper, and film options, to help you make the best material decision for your needs. With Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we make the label printing process easy!

1. Paper, the Versatile Choice for Pressure Sensitive Labels

Paper is probably the first label material you think of for pressure sensitive labels, but you may not know just how many options there are when it comes to this common material. Here at Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we have many different stocks and textures of paper to choose from when creating pressure sensitive labels, so you know that you can find a substrate to match your vision!

2. Wet-Strength Paper for Extreme Conditions

For those conditions where normal paper just won’t stand up, our custom label printing experts recommend EHG’s wet-strength paper options for your pressure sensitive labels. Whether you have a craft beer or soda that’ll be spending a lot of time in a cooler or an icy bucket, or a health and beauty product that will live out its life in a steamy shower, you don’t want your label wearing off of the product before your customer is through with it.

This is where wet-strength paper, as well as the custom label laminations, varnishes, and adhesives we offer, comes in especially handy. These materials are designed to stand up to the toughest humid and downright wet conditions without breaking down, ensuring that your product and its pressure sensitive label look their best throughout their life cycle.

3. Film Options, for a Designer Look

When you’re looking for a different feel for your product, our extensive film substrate options might give you just the shelf appeal you need to stand out from the crowd! If you’re looking for a sleek, modern look that shows off the color and style of your product, film pressure sensitive labels are the way to go. And if you like the trendy “no label” look, you can only get that with film.

Film labels also give you a lot of leeway to get creative with your label design. From read-through labels to multi-dimensional creations, film is a very versatile choice.

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Our custom label printing experts at EHG hope that this rundown of material options for pressure sensitive labels gives you a good idea of where to start! Creating labels for your products with our team is fun and easy, as we have the knowledge and experience to give you exactly the results you’re looking for. Give us a call today at (402) 342-7000 to talk to us about your next label printing project.