Making a Difference – One Label at a Time

POSTED 03/16/2017

Raising money for worthwhile causes can take many forms. Most of us have given back to our communities or supported a charity by purchasing goods such as wrapping paper, magazine subscriptions, cookies, candy, popcorn, or raffle tickets.

In fact, statistics show it is hard for American consumers to say no to a good cause. According to Cone Communications, who has conducted research on purchasing behavior for more than 20 years, 90% of U.S. shoppers are likely to switch to a cause-branded product when choosing between two brands of equal quality and price. In North America alone, cause marketing was projected to drive $1.92 billion in funds to worthy nonprofit charities in 2015.

Definition: Cause marketing (synonymous with cause-related marketing) is the marketing of a for-profit product or business that benefits a nonprofit charity or supports a social cause in some way.

Beverages for a Cause

Beverage distributors haven’t missed the opportunity to include social responsibility into their packaging and distribution strategies. From bottled water — to beer and wine — beverage distributors have joined forces with worthwhile non-profit organizations to give back a percentage of profits for bottles or cases purchased.

For example, purchasing a bottle of Starbucks Foundation’s Ethos Water equals a contribution of $.05US to the Ethos® Water Fund. So far more than $12.3 million has been given to help support water, sanitation, and hygiene education programs in water-stressed countries – benefiting more than 500,000 people around the world. That’s a lot of bottles of water and a lot of benefits to show for the combined effort given.

Labeling Can Make a Measurable Difference in Cause-Marketing Product Sales

Cause-branded products, appropriately labeled, can command a premium price. A total of 42% of North American shoppers would pay extra for products and services from companies committed to positive social and environmental impact. And, 88% of Americans want to hear about businesses’ social responsibility. The most preferred place to hear about these efforts is on the product’s packaging or label.

Some important considerations in labeling beverages for a cause, or donation to a cause:

  • Your label should include a clear message that identifies exactly the contribution that will result from purchase.
  • Don’t overlook the important fact that shoppers want to see an impact due to their purchase behavior. The label should clearly identify a way to follow the progress of the charitable effort. A website that reports ongoing progress toward goals and social media campaigns to report the impact made from consumers’ purchases bring validity to the effort and encourage repeat purchases.
  • Partner with a leader in the beverage label industry to be sure the package provides a high-impact label designed specifically for your beverage product.

From concept to packaging and labeling, Epsen Hillmer Graphics brings more than 100 years of custom labeling expertise to your cause marketing effort. Call us today at (402) 342-7000 to explore the best options when labeling beverages to support charitable causes.