Looking for a Label Manufacturer You Can Stick With?

POSTED 11/16/2017
Digital vs Traditional Label Printing - EHG

Searching for a reliable and quality oriented Label Manufacturer that will treat your business as a partner? At Epsen Hillmer Graphics (EHG), we understand that styling your label is a huge decision and finding the proper manufacturer to make your label literally stick is a very important process.

Our team at EHG has created a few points to consider when looking to select a Label Manufacturer, as creating that perfect label to represent your product is more than deciding on the style or finish. Please see below:

Customer Service Is A Must!

No matter your industry, from food and beverage to household products, keep in mind the importance of on-site support for both graphics and customer service. At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, we recommend you look for the true experts who know the industries they are serving. It is extremely important that a Label Manufacturer guides orders based on the best possible finish, printing process, label stock and style for the environment and application. Expertise from a company, such as EHG specializing in label manufacturing comes from over 100 years of continually satisfied customer service. Understanding the specific variables involved to provide your business with a successful product is the mission of a company like ours.

Technology Is Needed!

When selecting a Label Manufacturer ensure that they are using the most state-of-art equipment. Considering the technology available for your immediate project as well as equipment and process variety will allow for your product future growth, in addition to helping with those last minute unique occasions. Researching their technology will help you avoid being upset if the technology they use cannot deliver the label they helped you design.

Tip: Technology is not the only must, be sure to contact the label manufacturer that immediately considers your business’ a partnership and demonstrates the importance of consistency.

Variety Is Required!

With over one hundred years in the label distribution industry, Epsen Hillmer Graphics has a proven track record of providing excellent label printing to a variety of markets including: beverage, health and beauty, household, food, supermarket, and other specialty markets.

We offer on-site customer service and graphics to guide new purchasers as well as facilitate the needs of experienced print buyers. Long term partnerships with our clients is our top priority.

Stability such as this, in the printing industry, is proof that our Omaha Label Company takes seriously the issues of technology and quality control. We offer a variety of capabilities in label styles including: Pressure Sensitive, Cut & Stack, Roll to Roll, and In-Mold. Additionally, EHG has a variety of print process and finishes to choose from as well. Whether a business is running a special project that requires a short run, launching a new product line, or requires a trustworthy long-run Label Manufacturer, our team has the equipment and expertise to accommodate projects of every scale.

Knowledge Is Gained at EHG!

The most critical differentiator when choosing a label manufacturer is consistent quality. Epsen Hillmer Graphics proudly advertises, “What we say and what we do are one and the same.” Incorporating Lean Manufacturing into every level of our business, we consider Lean Training “A way of life,” and consistently seek to add value and eliminate waste, exceed customer expectations, and ensure competitive pricing.

Are you looking for a label company you can stick with? View our galleries to discover quality of labels on a wide variety of brands.Feel free to contact our friendly staff at (402) 342-7000 or use our online contact form. We are ready to assist in creating the perfect label for your product needs.