Liquor Bottle Makeovers with Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 08/31/2016
EHG - Pressure Sensitive Labels Spirits

It’s quite common for spirits makers to reach a point where they’re ready to give one or more of their products a makeover. If your company is in this position with one of the liquors it sells, a good starting point is your bottle labels. Regardless of whether or not you change the actual bottles that your liquor comes in, you can give your product a completely new look by redesigning your label.

When it comes to a redesign, different is not always better. There are plenty of brands across all kinds of industries that have changed the labels on their products and gotten a bad response from consumers. However, that shouldn’t deter you from moving forward with this process. Countless brands have gone to the next level after debuting new labels. The key is to understand what to do during this process, as well as what to avoid.

Since Epsen Hillmer Graphics has over 100 years of label experience, we want to share our thoughts on the best way for liquor brands to handle a redesign:

Understand What Consumers Are Looking For

Did you know that American consumers are drinking less alcohol than they did in the past? What’s even more surprising is this trend doesn’t have to be a bad thing for liquor brands. The reason is as people have decreased their alcohol consumption, they’ve become more inclined to spend extra on premium liquors. So as you’re thinking of ideas for your new label, positioning your liquor as a premium offering is a very wise strategy.

Know What Your Labels Need to Accomplish

You want to design a label for your liquor bottles that gets people’s attention when they see it on store shelves, behind a bar or anyone else they may come into contact with it. Then once the label has someone’s attention, all of the elements on it should work together to give them a compelling reason to choose it over any other spirits.

Pressure Sensitive Labels Are the Perfect Choice for Spirit Bottles

A big part of redesign success has to do with a design idea translating well to actual bottle labels. Pressure sensitive labels are the best option for doing exactly that. These labels look great and offer solid durability. They are also easy to customize to the exact look you want.

Epsen Hillmer Graphics Will Make Your Redesign a Success: (402) 342-7000

There’s a lot that goes into making sure that a label redesign is a success. Fortunately, this isn’t a process that you need to figure out and manage on your own. At Epsen Hillmer Graphics, our specialty is designing and printing amazing labels for products like liquors. As a family-owned business in Omaha, we take a personal interest in the success of our clients.

So whether you’ve already started the redesign process or are looking for a partner that can help you from beginning to end, we can provide exactly what you need. All you need to do to take advantage of our expertise and resources is call our office at (402) 342-7000.