Lip Balms Create Unique Labeling Challenges

POSTED 03/24/2017

If you were to look inside the pocket or purse of just about anyone today, you wouldn’t be surprised to find a tube of lip balm in the familiar cylindrical container. Since Chapstick – a popular consumer brand – was produced more than a century ago, the lip care industry has continued to grow exponentially and includes a number of producers from billion-dollar corporations, to small, home-based operations. According to a Global Industry Analysts’ 2016 report, the lip balm industry is forecasted to grow to $2 billion by the year 2020.

But, whether it’s a large corporation producing millions of tubes for distribution, or a home-based artisan mixing natural ingredients to create a few lip care products at a time, lip balm packaging comes with some unusual labeling challenges.

The Familiar, Tube-Shaped Container

Most lip balms are still sold in tube-shaped containers with a replaceable cap, a dial on the bottom to raise and lower the balm inside the tube, and a label with some form of tamper-proof seal that extends onto the cap – so the consumer can be certain they’re the first person to have used the product. Other types of packaging may include tubes, jars, or custom-designed containers.

Regardless of style, the packages themselves are designed to be portable, leaving a small area of real estate for product branding and ingredient labeling. Add to that frequent handling, and the presence of oil-based or petroleum ingredients, achieving a label that stands up to the abuse and use can be difficult.

Choose the Right Label Type: Pressure Sensitive Versus Cut and Stack Labels

Pressure Sensitive labels can be an excellent option for lip care products. Their bright color, embossing and foil finishes, as well as clear label capabilities create a durable, seamless appearance.
If you are producing large quantities or need a variety of product options (such as different lip balm flavors or tints), Cut and Stack labels may be worth considering. They stand up very well to moisture and extreme temperatures and can be made even more so thanks to a variety of available materials including paper, synthetic film or plastic, clear synthetic and wet strength options.

Looking to Print Custome Lip Balm Labels, Consider Combination Printing

By taking advantage of combination printing, several different product labels can be produced in one print run, which means even small vendors can achieve affordable, custom lip balm labels that are attractive and durable.

Lip balm tubes present a unique labeling challenge due to their size and product contents, but choosing appropriate labels designed to take the abuse will ensure your lip balm labels look good from the first – to the last – application. The materials you choose will make a big difference in how well your labels hold up and represent your product for the long haul.

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