Let’s Talk Pressure Sensitive Labels

POSTED 03/08/2018
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In today’s world of advertising, you have only a few seconds for your product to stand out from your competition. With thousands of products for consumers to choose from, your attention-grabbing label could be the deciding factor. Pressure Sensitive labels can create an extremely high-quality look while also being very user-friendly. Pressure Sensitive Labels are an affordable choice for a labeling method because of its wide product application versatility. Your product can be squeezable, contoured, made of glass or plastic and you can apply these labels by hand or using machines. 

Pressure sensitive labels can visually be compared to a sticker. A printed design lies atop a liner which protects the adhesive applied to the back of the printed label. This style of label construction has five layers that include: ink-receptive coating, label substrate, adhesive, silicone release agent, and liner. These combined layers make the finished product that applies to your product. Pressure Sensitive labels can also be die cut to create your unique label according to your chosen template or custom specifications.

There are many adhesive options available from Label Printing Companies. Our team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will ask you many questions in order to understand the adhesive requirements for your project. For example; does the label need to be repositionable or removable with a detachable coupon? At what temperatures will the product be shipped and stored? A beer, soda or water label will need a specific type of product to withstand the room temperature environment, as well as a chilled cooler filled with ice and water. When looking at labeling options, our team will be diligent in understanding your product to best handle your specific labeling needs.

Pressure Sensitive Label Application

Pressure sensitive labels are shipped in rolls to you or your bottler/packager. The labels can then be hand applied or machine applied. Many Label Printing Companies recommend the use of sensitive labels because of their simplicity to hand apply to their projects, while also having the capabilities to be used in much larger projects when machines apply labels. Machine’s use what is termed a peeler bar to remove the label from the liner. To ensure all of the packaging specifications are correct, coordinate any size and co-packer/bottling company requirements with our team at EHG as various manufacturers have label application restrictions and recommendations.

Adaptability of Pressure Sensitive Labels

As mentioned above, adaptability makes pressure sensitive labels the top label choice for many packaging styles. The pressure sensitive label adheres smoothly to contoured surfaces. Due to the variety of product containers that pressure sensitive labels can adhere to, Epsen Hillmer Graphics serves a wide variety of industries for this style of label. EHG also produces high-quality graphics on a variety of materials and can help you choose and design the best possible finish, stock, and adhesive for your label. Plus, we offer a wide variety of specialty add-ons including textured varnishes and foil stamping.

At EHG, we look forward to working with you all the way from the starting concept and design of your label to the finished process of your label being correctly applied. Feel free to contact our service team at Epsen Hillmer Graphics with any questions regarding pressure sensitive labels. We strive to create polished, long-lasting labels for companies nationwide. If you have any questions or are ready to get started, feel free to contact our friendly staff at (402) 342-7000 or use our online contact form. We are ready to assist in creating the perfect label for your product needs.