Labels That Take a Beating and Keep on Performing

POSTED 05/19/2017
Craft Beer Bottle for Labels - EHG

There isn’t anything that turns a potential buyer away faster than picking up a product from the shelf and seeing a worn and shoddy label. You know you’ve done it when shopping. You pick up a product and see a faded, torn, or barely hanging on label. The first thing you do is immediately put that product back on the shelf, reach way behind for a better-looking specimen, or choose another product altogether.

As a product manufacturer, you know that the contents of that item are just fine and there is no reason why the product can’t be sold. As a consumer, you’d just a soon not purchase something that looks like it fell off a stagecoach on the Oregon Trail. In today’s society, torn and shoddy equates to old, outdated or damaged. That isn’t how any manufacturer would like their product represented.

Choose Product Labels Designed to Last

There is a simple way to assure that your product label remains viable and does the job of representing your product from production to purchase. It starts with partnering with a professional label provider who can guide you and your design team through selecting the right label options, printing techniques, finishes and label production techniques to be sure the investment made in labeling brings returns.

Some Products Undergo More Wear and Tear During Product Use

An experienced label provider can help you choose the right options for your product. For example, if you produce beverage products or items with a smooth surface, Pressure Sensitive labels can be an affordable option with above-average durability. Does your product require a unique package shape and need to have a long shelf life? Blow Mold Labels are integrated right into the package, so virtually nothing can remove or damage the label itself.

Are you packaging something with oily or caustic ingredients that might cause a label to degrade during normal use? You’ll want to select labels that are durable and tear-proof, and those that hold up well to the contents inside. There are many label materials that fit the bill and any reputable label supplier can guide you to the best option for your application. Cut and Stack labels printed on appropriate materials may be a great option. For larger production quantities, Roll-to-Roll labels can be a very cost-effective and produced with highly durable finishes made to last.
Bring us your toughest labeling challenges and Epsen Hillmer Graphics can provide a solution. Our label experts are ready to help you identify the best options including design, shape, materials and finishes to make your product labels last and represent your brand to the finish. Call us today at (402) 342-7000.