What Label Works Best for Products in Squeeze Bottles?

POSTED 11/22/2016
Squeezable Bottle or Tub Pressure Sensitive Labels

Epsen Hillmer Graphics has the ability to design and print a wide range of labels. The reason we offer numerous options is the best type of label for a product depends on a handful of factors. Two of the factors are the size and shape of the container that the product comes in. Then depending on the specific product in question, other factors like where the product will primarily be used or different conditions it will be exposed to can influence this decision.

Because we do work with companies across quite a few industries that produce many different products, we’re able to use our direct experience to recommend what is going to work best for a certain type of container. Squeeze bottles and Squeeze Tubs are the type of containers we want to discuss right now. These containers are often used for health and beauty products. Squeeze bottles may also be used for household cleaning products, along with different types of items that may be used in the kitchen.

One of the reasons that squeeze bottles and tubs are used across a number of different industries and products is they provide a simple experience for consumers that’s quite convenient. But that convenience isn’t always present for companies as they try to find the right label solution. Since this style of label presents some unique challenges in terms of functionality, you need an experienced partner like Epsen Hillmer Graphics on your side.

Pressure Sensitive Labels Are Ideal for Squeeze Bottles & Squeeze Tubs

Although plenty of products are exposed to challenging conditions like moisture or extreme temperatures, the containers these products come in always retain their shape. What makes squeeze bottles and tubs challenging in terms of creating ideal labels is they not only change shape, but do so regularly and in different amounts depending on how hard someone squeezes.

As an Omaha label business that’s helped clients across the United States for more than a century, we have plenty of opportunities to see which labels perform best under certain conditions. In the case of squeeze bottles and tubs, we’ve consistently found that pressure sensitive labels are an excellent choice.

If you’re ready to start the process of designing pressure sensitive labels for your products in squeeze bottles, it’s important to note that decisions still need to be made about the label material and adhesive that are used. These are choices that will depend on your exact product and its uses.

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There’s a lot that goes into creating the absolute best labels for squeeze bottles and squeeze tubs. Even though this long list can seem overwhelming, the good news is we can help during any stage in the process. Whether you’re at the point of comparing different pressure sensitive label materials or are deciding on exact design options, you can count on Epsen Hillmer Graphics as a trusted partner.

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