Label Tips for Eco-Friendly Household Products

POSTED 12/29/2016
EHG - 5 Label Solutions for Household Products

Over the last five to ten years, a significant number of consumers have voted with their wallets in favor of eco-friendly household products. While eco-friendly products have been introduced throughout a wide range of industries, household products are one area where they have really taken hold. Given the success that some very large brands have experienced with these kinds of products, it makes sense for eco-friendly companies to use this fact as a core branding element. This approach will help companies connect with consumers who want to buy eco-friendly products.

Designing Labels for Eco-Friendly Household Products

When you’re designing a label for any type of household product, you want to clearly communicate the information that matters most to the product’s target base of consumers. For eco-friendly products, millennials account for a notable portion of this base. Since millennials are a demographic that many companies are pursuing, you’re probably wondering about the best way to make your product appeal to them. Research has shown that authenticity is one of the traits that millennials care about the most from companies. You can use the design of your labels to tell the story of your brand and why it’s important for your product to be eco-friendly.

The Right Type of Label for the Job

Although the substances in these kinds of cleaners may not be as harsh as ones that aren’t considered eco-friendly, the product bottles can still be exposed to some very challenging conditions. That’s why it’s so important to have labels that will stay on the bottles and continue to look great.

Pressure sensitive labels are the first option we recommend for eco-friendly household products. The area where these labels really shine is in the quality of their graphics. It’s easy to give pressure sensitive labels a truly custom look thanks to the availability of numerous specialty printing options. In-mold labels are the next option to consider. If your specific household product is something that consumers keep for a long time, the long-lasting nature of in-mold labels may make them the perfect fit.

Two other options we want to cover are roll-to-roll and cut & stack labels. Both types of labels share a number of similarities, including their cost-effectiveness. Roll-to-roll labels work great on household products that come in straight-walled containers like bottles or jars. And for cut & stack labels, their major strength comes from standing up very well to heat, cold and even moisture.

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From designing a label for your products to choosing the right type of label, there are a lot of decisions that have to be made during this process. If you want to work with an experienced partner who will help guide you through all of them, you can count on Epsen Hillmer Graphics. You can easily get in touch with us to talk about labels for your eco-friendly household products by calling (402) 342-7000.