Our Label Experts Reveal a Trend in Cut & Stack Labels

POSTED 06/05/2014
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When you’re creating custom cut & stack labels for your products, it may be hard to know where to start. With so many options in design elements, including color, varnishes, materials, and more, it’s easy to overlook the most basic decision of all—do you want your label to be made from paper or film materials?

For a long time, the most common and popular choice was paper; easy to print on, versatile, and relatively inexpensive, paper definitely made sense. However, it’s not without its limitations. For instance, paper labels are very vulnerable to moisture, so they’re not your best bet for labels that have to stand up to high humidity or wet conditions (like a beer bottle in an ice chest or a sports drink bottle in a gas station cooler).

What Wet-Strength Labels Can Do

Just like their name implies – wet-strength labels are designed to hold up better in moist conditions than more conventional paper materials. Wet-strength labels are still made from a paper material, but they provide a water resistant property which normal paper stock does not. With a wet-strength material, your labels will hold up longer in moister environments, ensuring that the quality of your cut & stack labels reinforce the quality of your product and your brand!

What Film Cut & Stack Labels Can Do

While film labels have been around for a while, they’re trending now for a number of functional and aesthetic reasons. Our custom cut & stack label printing experts at Epsen Hillmer Graphics will take you through what you need to know about film labels and how you can use them in your next consumer product labels project!

As we progress farther and farther into the 21st century, consumers are consistently looking for products that exhibit “modern” characteristics. Those products that stand out as sleek, colorful, glossy, and upscale are more likely to get picked up first on store shelves, and that’s just what film cut & stack labels or pressure sensitive labels can give to a product.

Since film labels are clear, they give you the opportunity to show off the color of your product as an integral part of the overall label design. For a line of colorful organic beverages, for instance, there’s nothing better than film cut & stack labels to give you that contemporary “label-less” look that consumers are looking for!

Film labels are also highly resistant to moisture and humidity, so they’re perfect for those applications in harsher environments that a paper label or even a wet strength label would fall apart in.

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As you can see, there are many great reasons to use film for your next cut & stack labels or pressure sensitive labels project—they provide a clean, contemporary look that’s popular right now. If you have any questions about how you can incorporate film into your next cut & stack labels project, give our custom label experts at EHG a call today at (402) 342-7000! Epsen Hillmer Graphics is a custom label printing company that can make your perfect consumer product labels project a reality.